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stair-lift A stair lift is a chair (seat) and a footrest (footplate) that sits on top of a chassis (or carriage) which is connected to a track. The track lays on the edge or nose of the stairs and is attached to the stair tread (not the wall). Stair lifts are suitable for riders who are capable of bearing weight, sitting and standing, or who have assistance in that process. Stair lifts are often the most cost effective lift to provide access from one level to another.

Independent Living Solution, Inc. provides state-of-the-art stair lifts to anyone who faces difficulty moving from floor to floor within their home. Based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, we have over 20 years combined experience serving people with in home accessibility challenges who’s home are located in Metro Denver and up and down the Front Range. Besides providing top-notch New and Recycled stair lifts in Denver from renowned manufacturers who offer superior engineering and product reliability, we provide professional installation of equipment in your home backed by our one-year labor warranty. After the installation of a stair lift in your home, we aim to provide you with a hassle-free experience when you use our product. To ensure that, we offer excellent customer support, necessary repairs with the parts provided under the manufacturer’s warranty, preventative maintenance and service plans. No matter what issue you may face when using our product, we make sure you receive the best possible solution. Your satisfaction alongside the freedom to safely navigate your home is our mission.

To make your home fully accessible, we primarily provide these stair lift types:

Straight Stair lift

Our cutting-edge straight stair lifts feature a smooth start and stop mechanism that enables you to effortlessly glide up and down the stairs. They fit seamlessly into any home with a straight staircase,
eliminating the need for home renovation and related expenses. Also, they come with reliable safety features, such as a seat belt, power footrest, power seat swivel, manual and power folding hinges and easy-to-use controls.

Our straight stair lifts are designed to perfectly fit every home with a straight staircase and are used by:

  • The elderly

  • Physically disabled

  • People with arthritis or joint pain

  • Injured

To know more about our straight stair lifts, visit our Straight Stair lift page.

Curved Stair lift

In homes with a curved staircase, installing a stair lift is tricky because of the curved nature of the staircase and joining walls. To make such homes fully accessible for people with reduced mobility, we provide state-of-the-art curved stair lifts that fit perfectly into any staircase that makes a turn, enabling the user to get on at one floor and move to the next floor. Coming with all the safety features, they provide a smooth and stable ride. Also, with our full line of curved stair lifts that are custom made to suit your exact home needs, you may be able to reach multiple floors and regain independence.

Curved Stair lifts Options:

  • Horizontal overrun at top or bottom

  • 90 or 180-degree park stations

  • Intermediate park stations

  • Power folding hinge

  • Choice of upholstery colors

To know more about our curved stair lifts, visit Curved Stair lifts page.

Benefits of Stair lifts by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

Comfortable Ride

Our stair lifts are carefully engineered to provide a smooth and stable ride to people with mobility issues. They are equipped with cushioned seats, armrests, back and footrests for enhanced comfort.


When using a stair lift, safety is a major concern. To provide the utmost safety, our stair lifts come with safety sensors that activate an emergency stop when they sense danger. Plus, in an effort to maximize ease of use, extra features such as a retractable seat belt, power footrest, power seat swivel, and others are provided.

Space Efficient

To maximize the walking space on the stairs for family, friends, and pets, our stair lifts are designed to hug the corners and turns as tightly as possible.

Easy to Use

Our each stair lift model is equipped with an easy-to-use control switch so that you can operate it without hassles and move safely from floor to floor.

Improved mobility

For those with mobility issues, moving from one floor to another is challenging and risky. However, our complete selection of stair lifts makes it easy and fun, offering complete independence and home
accessibility to its users.

Why Buy a Stair lift From Us?

  • We are a locally owned and operated business with over 20 years combined experience.

  • We provide mobility equipment from a variety of top manufacturers who specialize in superior engineering and product reliability.

  • As a full-service dealer, we install and service everything we sell.

  • We provide professional installation backed by a one-year labor warranty on all new installations.

  • We repair the parts provided under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • We offer Preventative Maintenance and Service Plans

  • We have a local showroom, making it easy for you to find us

  • We stock many refurbished stair lifts and new stair lifts in Denver, Colorado along with wheelchair lifts, and other equipment.

  • We service the Denver area and the Front Range

Feel free to get in touch today and let us make your home fully accessible!

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What are the chances the stairlifts won’t break while riding?

It depends on the brand and manufacturers of stairlifts. Cheap or unbranded stair lifts may break while riding therefore causing more injuries to the rider. Renowned manufacturers offer superior engineering and product reliability. Renowned brands provide a one-year labor warranty after professional installation. The warranty period comes with necessary repairs of parts, preventive measures, and service plans.

What are safety assurances with stair lifts?

Stairlifts are equipped with safety features, such as a seat belt, power seat swivel, manual and power-folding hinges, power footrest, and easy-to-use controls. These features ensure top-notch safety for the user while using a stair lift.

Who can use stair lifts?

Stairlifts are versatile and can be used for elderly people, people with joint pains or arthritis, people with severe injuries, and physically disabled people. There are no restrictions on the use of stairlifts. Anyone can use them conveniently.

What are curved stair lifts?

Curved stair lifts are specialized stair lifts designed for curved staircases. These can be customized as per the curvature taken by stairs. Similar to straight staircases, they too provide safety features in order to make rides smooth and safe. The curved staircases eliminate the need to redesign a house infrastructure just for the sake of installing a stair lift.

What are some options for curved stair lifts?

Options available in curved stair lifts are given below.

  1. Horizontal overrun at top or bottom

  2. 90 or 180-degree park stations

  3. Intermediate park stations

  4. Power folding hinge

  5. Choice of upholstery colors

What is the difference between new stair lifts and refurbished stair lifts?

A new stair lift is a newly designed stair lift. It may be expensive to buy because of the newly manufactured parts. Unlike a new stair lift, a refurbished stair lift is a reconditioned stair lift, and all the parts may not be new but some could be. A refurbished stair lift may be an ideal choice for people with budget restrictions.

A newly manufactured stairlift may have a warranty period and a service plan. A refurbished stairlift may not have a warranty period or service plan and may incur more expenses on maintenance.

A new stairlift can be installed in your owned house or on rentals whereas, a refurbished stairlift may be an ideal selection for a rented apartment because one can save money on de-installation costs at the time of relocation.

A new stairlift may not get damaged easily and even if they do, they come with a warranty period. A reconditioned stairlift whereas is more prone to damage due to overuse and fatigue.

A new stairlift may need lesser maintenance charges than a refurbished stairlift.

Why should an individual install a stair lift instead of elevators?

A high-quality straight stairlift has a start-stop mechanism. Generally, a house has a straight staircase therefore, it is the first consideration for users. One can ditch the costs of house renovation and restructure expenses to install them. Their reliable safety features assure a safe ride. They allow hassle-free gliding from one floor to another within minutes.

Elevators are extremely expensive and require costly renovation of a house corner. Not all houses have plenty of space for elevator accommodation so, getting elevators for floor-to-floor movement becomes quite impractical.

Mainly elevators are ideal for large building spaces where installing stair lifts are not feasible and inappropriate. Stair lifts are perfect for a home environment.

How much time does it take to install a stair lift?

Basically, a technician arrives at home on the day of installation with a rail as long as your stairs. The rail is secured on the treads of the stairs, not the wall. The electric chair is then mounted on the rail to make it moveable. The whole process typically doesn’t take more than two to three hours.