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Barrier Free or Roll In Showers allow a person to safely bathe in well constructed and personally designed shower. Bestbath showers set the standard for safety, durability, accessibility and beauty. They are manufactured in the USA and backed by a 30 year limited warranty.

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Barrier-free Showers for Improved Mobility and Independence

Make showers fun for a loved one with a disability. Reach out to Independent Living Solutions for barrier-free roll-in showers and allow them to bathe in well-constructed, personally-designed showers safely.

At Independent Living Solutions, we offer a wide variety of products to promote mobility and independence, including barrier-free showers. Our Bestbath showers set the standard for safety, durability, accessibility, and beauty. They are manufactured in the USA and backed by a 30-year limited warranty. Get in touch with us for barrier-free shower ideas and make bathing easy for elders with disabilities.

How our barrier-free roll-in showers make life easy

Our roll-in showers have no barriers or edges that may cause any discomfort or inconvenience to your loved ones. These showers offer:

Improved accessibility: The first step to ensuring a barrier-free showering experience is improving accessibility. Our roll-in showers are designed to avoid restrictive elements used in regular showers to make them accessible in every sense, eliminating tripping hazards and enhancing safety.

Functionality for the entire family: What’s better than having a shower that fits everyone’s needs without needing to make adjustments? If that sounds like a great product, this shower is for you. Enjoy unmatched convenience that will maintain its appearance for years to come. From kids to grandparents, it fits them all.

Added space: Everyone loves more space. But with showers, that rarely happens. Most showers are created using limited space, and roll-in showers can solve that problem too. No, they don’t add to the available area! What they do is bring an illusion of a bigger bathroom with no enter/exit barriers.

Handy features: Weren’t you looking for a barrier-free shower with custom features such as non-slip floors, shower seats, grab bars, and more? Didn’t you want to incorporate all these features to improve the shower experience of your loved ones? If yes, Bestbath showers are a match made in heaven!

Ease of cleaning: The current environment demands hygiene in the first place − a lot of it! Barrier-free showers ensure that too! How? They offer ease of cleaning to the person responsible for keeping your house pristine and shining, including the shower area. While a traditional shower has a lot of joints, turns, and steps, our showers are barrier-free in the true sense that makes cleaning a cakewalk – ensuring less exposure to mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Quick installation: Another excellent benefit of using roll-in showers is a quick installation. No need to wait for days before the shower is ready for use – like traditional baths.

Reach out to us for a barrier-free shower in Colorado today

Independent Living Solutions offers an exclusive selection of mobility products for people with disabilities. All these products have been created to solve navigation problems faced by disabled people and help them live life with the least possible support. The idea is to produce a community of independent disabled souls inspiring others to live life to the fullest. Connect with us for a barrier-free shower in Colorado.

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