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A vertical platform lift (VPL), also known as a wheelchair lift, allows the user to step onto or if the user is confined to a wheelchair, roll onto a flat platform that will lift vertically to the desired height needed. They are ideal solutions when there are multiple existing stairs providing access to the home. In most cases a vertical platform lift is the only solution to allow room for vehicles to be parked in the garage. Also, many clients are incapable of using a ramp safely without a qualified assistant, whereas the client can use the lift without assistance.

vertical-platform-liftVertical Platform Lift


Vertical Platform Lift with staircase access

vertical-platform-liftVertical Platform Lift installed at door

Gain Complete Access to Home with Our Wheelchair Lifts in Colorado

Now make your home fully accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users with vertical platform lifts by Independent Living Solutions, Inc. Also known as wheelchair or porch lifts, they are a perfect mobility solution to access raised porches, decks, and other elevated platforms without going through the struggle of getting out of a wheelchair or mobility scooter. In homes where space is limited or the rise (vertical travel distance needed) is more than a few feet, the vertical platform lift is a better alternative than a ramp.

How to use a vertical platform lift?

Using a vertical platform wheelchair lift is simple and safe. All you need to do is:

  • Step, or if confined to a wheelchair or scooter, roll onto the platform of the lift
  • Press the button to reach the desired height
  • Enjoy the smooth, quiet ride until you reach the desired height

Who should use a wheelchair lift

Anyone with mobility challenges can benefit from a wheelchair lift in Colorado, such as people who struggle using stairs, people in a wheelchair or scooter who struggle to access raised porches, decks, or other elevated areas that provide entry inside the home. Besides, wheelchair users who can’t safely use a wheelchair ramp without assistance should get a wheel chair lift installed in their home.

How Independent Living Solutions, Inc. helps?

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. offers the best-in-class vertical platform lifts in Denver, Colorado, enabling you to reach decks, porches, and other raised areas safely and independently. Each of our lifts comes with cutting edge features to ensure a smooth and safe ride from one level to another. They are carefully designed and built by top manufacturers who offer standard and oversize platforms.

Types of Wheelchair Lifts by Independent Living Solution

Being a renowned supplier of state-of-the-art mobility devices, we provide residential VPLs in Colorado providing safe access to and from the home.

  • Our residential lifts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing access to platforms, decks and porches up to 14 feet high. The professional installation requires little to no home modifications depending on the home design and architecture.

Features of vertical platform lift by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

While the features depend on the type and model you choose, these features are most common:

  • Automatic, folding ramp to allow wheelchair or scooter to roll safely on and off the lift
  • Smooth ride for enhanced experienced
  • Weather-resistant finish to keep it looking new
  • Emergency stop switch to avoid accidents
  • Safety sensors to sense obstructions
  • Variety of lifting heights
  • Choice of AC power or reliable high-capacity DC battery power lifts
  • Built with durable materials to ensure long life

What should you consider in a wheelchair lift?

These factors should be considered when buying a new or used wheelchair lift for sale:


Where should the lift be installed to provide the easiest access in and out of the home? Would the front door or garage door provide the best access? If the home has a walk out basement, this location could be the best choice. A free home evaluation will provide these answers.

Weight capacity

Since these lifts come in various sizes and models, they have different weight capacities. Whether you are buying a new lift or used wheelchair lift for sale, choose a lift that can accommodate your weight combined with the weight of your wheelchair and other items such as groceries etc.


People want their lift to be safe, features such as safety sensors, emergency stops, automatic self-lowering folding ramp, safety pan and landing/platform gates. Make sure these features are included before buying a lift for your home.

Why Buy a Power Chair From Us?

At our store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, we have the latest models of vertical platform wheelchair lifts and other mobility devices to help people with limited mobility get around safely. Once you order your wheelchair lift or any other product from us, we deliver it to your home and install it so that you have a comfortable experience. Also, we offer a one-year warranty on our installation.

After we sell the best-suited mobility device to you, we continue to serve you with:

  • Exceptional customer support
  • necessary repairs and replacement for parts under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • routine maintenance and service plans
  • assistance with any issue while using our product

If you are looking for a vertical platform lift, feel free to get in touch with us.

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