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Ramps are the most effective solution when there are 2 or fewer steps entering the home. There are a variety of variables to consider when evaluating a home for ramp access.

  • Is there adequate space available for the ramp to occupy?
  • Does the ramp need to make turns to provide the access needed?
  • When providing access to the home from the front door is the lot relatively flat or does it significantly slope away from the house?
  • When providing access to the house from the garage, where is the door entering the house positioned relative to where the cars are parked?



Single fold ramps

modular-ramps Modular RAMPS

Our ramps are affordable and practical mobility solutions for wheelchair and mobility scooter users who struggle to access different areas of the building because of steps and raised platforms. No matter what type of mobility aid you are looking for, we have your every mobility needs covered.

How Independent Living Solutions, Inc. helps?

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. provides the best-in-class ramps to wheelchair and mobility scooter users to help them safely move in and around their homes no matter what lies in their way.

As a locally owned and operated company in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, we have been helping the residents of Colorado to gain complete mobility and independence with our top-notch mobility aids, including used wheelchair ramps. Our products are sourced from the top manufacturers in the industry, assuring the users of world-class engineering and product reliability. We also install them in your home and offer a one-year warranty on our installation.

After installing our mobility equipment in your home, we continue to serve you with:

  • Exceptional customer support that is just a phone call away
  • Necessary repairs and replacement for parts under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Routine maintenance and service plans
  • Assistance with any issue while using our products

Who Needs Wheelchair Ramps?

Our wheelchair ramps are an ideal solution for people who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter or anything that has wheels and are struggling to gain independence and mobility because of elevated platforms, steps, curbs, doorways with raised thresholds. People who greatly benefit from wheelchair ramps are:

  • The elderly using a mobility scooter
  • Physically disabled who are confined to a wheelchair
  • Injured in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter
  • Special needs children in wheelchairs
  • Those using a stroller, walker, wagons, dollies, or carts

Wheelchair Ramps Options

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. showcases a wide selection of ramps designed to fit every home and budget. We have these types of ramps in our collection:

  • Portable wheelchair ramps
  • Modular ramps
  • Rubber threshold ramps
  • Single fold ramps
  • Custom ramps
  • Permanent ramps

How to evaluate your home to choose the right type of ramp?

When evaluating your home for ramp access, consider these variables to buy the best-suited ramp:

  • Is there adequate space available for the ramp to occupy?
  • Does the ramp need to make turns to provide the required access?
  • Does your home’s door swing inwards or outwards?
  • If providing access from the front door, is the lot relatively flat or does it significantly slope away from the house?
  • If providing access to the home from the garage, where is the door providing access positioned relative to the cars parked?

Only after considering these factors should you choose the best wheelchair ramp for your home. In case you face trouble at this step, contact us and get a free home evaluation and consultation.

Features of Wheelchair ramps by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

  • Light-weight for easy pickup and placement
  • Quality material that stands the test of time
  • Built-in handles for easy transportation
  • Single and multi-folds as required
  • Built with traction safety to avoid slipping
  • No installation
  • Different designs and styles to suit your home

Benefits of Wheelchair Ramps by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.


Our ramps are specially designed, keeping in mind the slipping incidents that happen with ordinary ramps available on the market. They feature a high-traction surface that prevents slipping and enables the user to safely navigate the obstacle.

Space Efficient

Most ramps on the market occupy a lot of space when placed in the desired location. However, our portable wheelchair ramps for stairs are carefully manufactured to as little space as required to provide safe access.

Easy to Use

Since our portable wheelchair ramps in Denver are equipped with built-in handles, they are easy to carry, place, and pick up after use.


Whether you are buying a rubber threshold ramp or aluminum ramp, you can rest assured of receiving the maximum durability and reliability from them as they are built from top quality material and go through rigorous testing.

Why Buy a Wheelchair Ramp From Us?

With over 20 years of combined expertise, we have been serving the residents of Colorado by:

  • Providing quality mobility equipment from top manufacturers
  • Installing and servicing everything we sell
  • Offering free installation backed by a one-year labor warranty
  • Repairing and replacing parts under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Offering Preventative Maintenance and Service Plans

We also have a local showroom in Wheat Ridge, Colorado where we stock used portable wheelchair ramps for sale in Denver, Colorado to suit every budget.

Feel free to get in touch with us today, and let us make your home fully accessible to you.

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