Mobility and accessibility equipment, such as stair lifts and elevators, offer individuals with limited mobility the freedom to move independently within their homes or workplaces. These solutions can significantly improve their quality of life by reducing physical strain, preventing accidents, and enabling them to access all areas of their living or working space.


Independent Living Solutions offers a wide range of mobility equipment, including straight and curved stair lifts, residential elevators, and chair lifts. These products accommodate various mobility needs, staircase configurations, and settings.


Accordion ContentOur stair and chair lifts are highly customizable to fit different staircase configurations. We offer solutions for both straight and curved staircases, and our expert team can assess your specific needs to provide a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates with your home or business.

Deciding between a stair lift and an elevator depends on various factors, such as your property’s layout, mobility needs, and budget. Our experts can assist you in making an informed decision during a free consultation, considering all these factors and recommending the most suitable solution for you.

Our stair lifts and chair lifts come equipped with a range of safety features, including footrests, obstruction sensors, and emergency stop buttons. These features are designed to ensure the safety of users and prevent accidents during operation.

Installing an elevator in your home can increase its value, particularly for multi-story properties or when catering to accessibility needs. Potential buyers or future homeowners often view elevators as convenient and desirable features. However, the extent of the value increase may depend on factors like the local real estate market and the overall quality and design of the elevator. Consult with real estate professionals for a more accurate assessment.

Stair lifts are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making them easy for seniors to operate. Independent Living Solutions, Inc.’s stair lifts feature simple controls, allowing for effortless ascending and descending. Safety features like sensors and emergency stop buttons provide additional peace of mind, ensuring seniors can use them confidently.


You can find high-quality wheelchair ramps for stairs at Independent Living Solutions, Inc. We offer a comprehensive selection of wheelchair ramps to enhance accessibility and mobility within your home. Whether you need indoor or outdoor ramps, modular systems, or custom solutions, Independent Living Solutions provides a range of options to suit your specific needs. You can read detailed descriptions and contact us directly, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience for accessible solutions.


The primary benefits of mobility and accessibility equipment include enhanced independence, increased safety, improved quality of life, and the ability to age. These systems provide individuals with limited mobility the freedom to move comfortably and securely within their environment.


Mobility and accessibility equipment is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals, including seniors, people with disabilities, those recovering from injuries or surgeries, and anyone facing mobility challenges. These systems are versatile and adaptable to various needs.


Mobility equipment plays a crucial role in fall prevention and home safety. For example, Stair and chair lifts eliminate the need to navigate stairs, a common source of falls. Elevators provide safe and convenient access between multiple floors, reducing the risk of accidents.


Yes, mobility equipment can be beneficial for individuals with temporary mobility challenges, such as post-surgery recovery. Renting or using these systems temporarily can facilitate a smoother and safer recovery process at home.


Independent Living Solutions stands out due to our commitment to personalized service, high-quality products, and expert installation. Our team’s extensive experience in the industry, dedication to customer satisfaction, and attention to safety make us a trusted choice for mobility and accessibility solutions in Denver.


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