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Mobility Equipment in Brighton Just a Call Away

Living with mobility issues is challenging. Moving up and down the stairs, accessing raised entryways, getting up from the chair or bed, reaching multiple floors of the home are few of the most troublesome tasks for people with reduced mobility. But with our mobility equipment, they can now easily and safely move in and around their home without hassles and assistance.

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. provides top-of-the-line in-home mobility equipment designed and built by the top manufacturers to fit every home and budget. Our products not only help you gain complete independence at home but also enable you to move around safely. No matter what your needs are or what issues you may face while moving around, we have you covered. Starting from cutting-edge stairlifts in Brighton to premium wheelchair ramps to home elevators for sale in Brighton and more, we provide everything you need to get around independently and safely.

Why are we Different?

First, our every in-home mobility aid is equipped with the latest technology to provide a safe and comfortable experience to the users. Second, they are built keeping in mind different home designs so that they fit every home and budget. Third, they are versatile, which means anyone with limited mobility — special needs children, seniors, physically challenged, injured, people with poor joint health, and others — can use them with ease.

Besides providing state-of-the-art mobility equipment, we provide free installation in your home or office with a one-year warranty on the installation, 24/7 customer support, free repairs given the manufacturer’s warranty, maintenance & service tips, and assistance in any problem you may face while using our equipment. With our team by your side all round the clock, you will rest assured of having the best experience while enjoying your independence moving around.

Mobility Equipment by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

Here are a few of the mobility aids that we install in your home to make it fully accessible:

Straight Stairlifts in Brighton

Trouble moving up and down the stairs because of limited mobility? Worry not, we make it easy for you. Our new and used stairlifts in Brighton are designed to help people with mobility challenges traverse stairs safely and independently. They are the most sought-after solution for homes with straight staircases. Equipped with a smart start & stop mechanism, they make transitioning from one floor to another smooth and safe. What’s more, they fit perfectly on straight staircases, regardless of the length, and require no home modification.

Our straight stairlifts in Brighton come with the latest safety features such as an emergency stop, a seat belt, and a control panel for improved safety. To know more, visit the Straight Stairlift page.

Curved Stairlifts in Brighton

Having curved staircases at home? Not able to find a stairlift that fits on it perfectly? You have come to the right place. In homes with curved staircases, we install new or used curved stairlifts in Brighton customized to meet the flight of stairs, regardless of the degree of the curve. After installation, you will rest assured of gliding up and down the stairs independently and safely.

Our curved stairlifts in Brighton rule out the chances of slips and falls, which are fairly common among older adults and people with mobility issues. They comprise safety features such as danger sensors, emergency stop, safety belts, and others, to provide you with a safe experience when using them to traverse stairs. To know more about our curved stairlifts, visit the Curved Stairlifts page.

Vertical Platform Lifts in Brighton

Difficulty accessing raised platforms? Now gain immediate access to raised decks, porches, entryways, and other elevated platforms with our residential wheelchair lifts in Brighton. Better known as vertical platform lifts, they are an ideal mobility solution to reach platforms with an elevated threshold when using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. You only need to roll your mobility device onto its flat platform and take it to the desired height. In homes where multiple steps provide entry, they are the best solution to combat the mobility challenge. Besides, they are inexpensive, easy to install, and safe to use. To know more about residential wheelchair lifts in Brighton, visit the Vertical lifts page.

Residential Elevators in Brighton

While a stairlift works wonderfully when you need to reach from one floor to other using stairs, those who are confined to a wheelchair may not find it convenient. For them, we have a home elevator for sale in Brighton that makes reaching multiple levels in the home safe and smooth without assistance. Its installation demands little or no home modification but enables people in a wheelchair to reach the desired floor in the safest manner possible. Since you can roll a wheelchair on its platform, you also save the hassles that come with a stairlift. Plus, the chances of slip and fall are none, which is why most people with mobility issues in Brighton go for it. For more information, visit the Elevator page.

Why Choose Us?

We have more than two decades of experience in selling, installing, and servicing new as well as used mobility equipment in Brighton. We have a wide range of in-home mobility equipment suiting your budget and home designed. Whether you are looking for used vertical platform lifts in Brighton or home elevators, we have your back. Plus, we are locally based near Brighton that makes finding us easy for you. We also supply used wheelchair lifts in Brighton and other refurbished equipment to fit your budget.

Feel free to contact us today and let us make your home fully accessible to you.

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