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Maximize Your Mobility and Independence at Home with in-Home Accessibility Equipment

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. houses top-of-the-line in-home accessibility equipment to help people with mobility challenges move in, out, and around the home safely, comfortably, and independently. Whether you need a stairlift or want to buy a used ceiling lift in Evans, Colorado, we have your mobility needs covered with our products that are designed to fit your home space and budget.

Based in Wheat Ridge, CO, we serve the greater Denver area and Front Range Colorado communities, including Evans, by delivering accessibility devices at the best prices possible. Our products help seniors, chronically ill individuals, disabled, special needs children, and those with restricted mobility regain their freedom and independence at home, optimizing their quality of life. 

At our store, you can choose from a wide range of in-home accessibility equipment designed to meet your specific needs and built by top manufacturers, including but not limited to, Z Access Ramps, Handicare, and Harmar. Every product utilizes superior engineering and world-class technology for enhanced comfort, improved safety, and maximum reliability. We also offer professional installation of in-home accessibility products so that you don’t go through any trouble. 

As an established business in the area delivering state-of-the-art in-home accessibility equipment in the area, we also help you in these ways:

  • Assist you in selecting accessibility equipment that best meets your mobility needs 
  • Provide a one-year warranty for our installation
  • Provide customer support 
  • Offer preventative maintenance and service plans
  • Offer repairs for parts under the manufacturer’s warranty 

Your freedom and independence at home is our goal, and we leave no stone unturned to help you achieve that. 

In-Home Accessibility Equipment by Independent Living Solutions, Inc. 

Here are a few products that we sell in Colorado:

Stairlifts in Evans, Colorado

If you or your loved one struggle to climb stairs at home because of medical conditions or limited mobility, we have stairlifts in Evans, Colorado, for you. These stairlifts help you glide up and down the stairs safely and comfortably so that you can access different floors in your home. These lifts come in two models, straight stairlift in Evans, Colorado, and Curved stairlifts in Evans, Colorado. The straight model is best suited for straight staircases, whereas our curved stairlifts are custom-designed to fit any curved or switchback staircase, no matter the degree of the curve. 

Our stairlifts in Evans, Colorado, comes with these features:

  • A top-notch start-and-stop mechanism for a seamless, smooth, and stable ride
  • A safety seat belt to prevent accidents during the transition
  • Available padded armrests, power footrest, and power seat swivel for maximum comfort for the user
  • A pressure sensitive switch for easy operation, from start to finish

These stairlifts are ideal for people with mobility issues, such as seniors, special needs children, disabled, and others. We also provide used stairlifts in Evans, Colorado, to suit every budget. To know more about stairlifts, visit the Straight Stairlift page.

New Residential Elevators in Evans, Colorado

Our residential elevators are the top pick for wheelchair or mobility-scooter-bound people who cannot reach different floors of the home without assistance. These elevators assist them in accessing different levels independently and comfortably. They just need to maneuver their wheelchair or mobility scooter into the elevator cab and use a control panel to reach the desired floor. 

Some of our home elevators for sale in Evans, Colorado, need little to zero home modification, which saves home renovation costs and the lengthy process. Now anyone who is bound to a wheelchair or mobility scooter can access different floors of the home without relying on caregivers or family members.  

For residents with a budget constraint, we have used home elevators for sale in Evans, Colorado. To know more about them, visit the Elevator page.

Vertical Platform Lifts in Evans, Colorado

For wheelchair and mobility-scooter-bound users, accessing raised platforms, such as a patio, deck, and elevated doorways, is challenging. To help them, we provide top-of-the-line vertical platform lifts in Evans, Colorado, at affordable prices. These platform lifts are designed and built to help the user access raised platforms that go up a few to several feet safely and independently. They just need to move their mobility device onto its platform and use a controller to access the desired height without the risk of slips and falls. 

To learn more about our vertical platform lifts in Evans, Colorado, visit the Vertical Platform Lifts page.

Why Choose Independent Living Solution, Inc.?

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. provides a complete line of accessibility products for your home in the Greater Denver Area and Front Range Colorado communities to meet your specific mobility needs. We also install every product we sell in your home to save you hassles and back our installation with a one-year warranty. Plus, our exceptional customer service and no-cost repairs for parts under warranty secures you from downtime issues that you may face later on. We also stock refurbished accessibility equipment, such as used ceiling lifts in Evans, Colorado, and many others, for every budget and home space.

If you or your elderly loved one has in-home mobility challenges, get in touch with us today and let us help them regain their mobility and freedom at home.

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