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If you are disabled, injured, or are in your golden years, making your way around your home or office can be difficult. Which is why Independent Living Solutions, Inc. has developed an extensive range of expertly designed mobility equipment in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer an assortment of mobility devices that will provide you with the benefits of reduced pain, more independence, and increased confidence and self-esteem.

A mobility aid is suitable for people with temporary or permanent conditions that affect their mobility, balance, and inability to support their own weight. These assistive devices are suitable for senior adults, injured people or people with health issues that affect their ability to walk. Some mobility aids can be used by people with sufficient upper body strength such as walkers and crutches, while others are powered by a motor for those left completely incapable of movement.

Some Of the Mobility Devices We Offer at Fort Collins Include:

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL)/Wheelchair Lifts

For those who are unable to put their weight on their lower limbs, have hip related difficulties, or unable to walk, a wheelchair is your best choice. But accessing an elevated platform that’s a few feet high can be a challenge. For this, we provide you with our vertical platform lifts in Fort Collins. Their motorized mechanism is a feasible alternative to ramps as that requires dependency on others to maneuver.

Mobility Scooters

If you lack the upper body strength to use a manual wheelchair, a Mobility Scooter is a viable solution. It gives you the freedom and confidence to move around in a safe and stress-free way. Our mobility scooters in Fort Collins are cost-effective and considered better than a motorized wheelchair owing to them being better suited for driving outdoors. They are technologically progressive and serve the same purpose of using an ordinary vehicle to convey you around for your daily activities.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Whether it’s an injury, aging, or an illness, taking a shower independently is a tedious and even a dangerous experience. When a standard shower or tub becomes inaccessible, a walk-in bathtub is a choice to consider. Our residential walk-in bathtubs at Fort Collins will provide a safe and relaxing bathing experience and can even be upgraded with jets for a circulatory massage.

Residential Elevators

The best solution for multi-story homes with large spaces. Our residential elevators in Fort Collins Colorado provide you with the convenience of ascending or descending multiple levels of your home. You could choose to either conceal it within a closet or place it in plain sight. While installing the elevator in an existing home is the easy part, finding the right space to fit one in is crucial. So, a thorough consultation with us is important before we find the right solution for you.

With over 20 years of combined expertise in sales, installation, and service of mobility aid equipment, we provide top quality mobility devices sourced from the best manufacturers. Our aim is to offer you the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution to all your accessibility needs. Connect with us today to find out more!

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