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Having trouble moving around and getting simple tasks done on your own? Restore your independence with Independent Living Solutions, Inc. We provide cutting-edge home accessibility equipment that help people with mobility limitations to move around with little to no human assistance. From stairlifts to elevators, we offer mobility equipment that helps you access different areas in and around your home with ease.

With over 20 years of experience in home mobility equipment, we cover most areas in Colorado, providing the best quality products manufactured by top brands like Handicare, EZ Access ramps and many more. Our goal is to help you regain your freedom and ability to be as self-sufficient as you can be. Our professionals will see you through the process from start to finish. Our new products come with a one-year installation warranty, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

Be it residential elevators in Greeley Colorado, or mobility scooter, we offer premium handicap equipment in Greeley. No matter what you buy, we ensure you get the best customer experience, even before you make your purchase from us! With exceptional customer support, maintenance and service plans, and free repairs when under warranty, your safety and convenience is important to us.

Some of the mobility equipment we offer include:

Curved Stair Lifts

If your place of residence has a winding staircase, the Curved Stair Lifts in Greeley Colorado are for you. Great for people who can lift themselves up but can’t carry their own weight and require assistance to head up a level, or two. The device is a continuous loop that is installed around the perimeter of the stairs and has an armchair that seats you safely. The only option for staircases that curve, the mobility device has custom made tracks using state of the art technology. Best suited for multiple level access that’s safe and convenient.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Also known as a wheelchair lift, the device allows the user to get on and be lifted vertically to the desired height. It’s perfect for wheelchair users and even people using walking aids like a crutch. All you need to do is roll or walk onto it and get hoisted to the level you want to get to. The Vertical Platform Lifts in Greeley allow the client to level up without assistance. Our lifts come with features that ensure a smooth and safe ride from one level to another. They are carefully designed and built by top manufacturers who offer standard and oversized platforms.

Mobility Scooter

Equipment that’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors, our Mobility Scooters in Greeley help you get your daily errands out of the way with ease and independence. Great for anyone who can’t walk without assistance, including the elderly, this Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) gets you around safely and comfortably. They’re battery powered for an easy ride, with simple maneuverability and safety features to use. They come in different variations like 4-wheel, 3-wheel, long distance, heavy duty, and travel or portable scooters.

Residential Elevators

Ideal for people who live in large homes and need quick and easy access. Mainly used by people who have mobility limitations or are confined to a wheelchair, the Residential Elevators in Greeley Colorado are spacious and easy to get into. These elevators require home modifications and can be installed in almost any home space. You can access different stories with an uncomplicated control panel.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop or all your mobility requirements in Greeley, Colorado. With highly experienced professionals to guide you, and exceptional customer service, you’re in great hands. Let us restore your mobility at home and give you the confidence to live independently.

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