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Complete Line of In-Home Mobility Equipment To Help You Move Around Safely and Independently

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. is an all-under-one-roof shop for your every in-home mobility equipment need. We offer a full range of mobility devices, from stairlifts to wheelchair ramps to home elevators, ramps, automatic door openers to ceiling lifts, designed to help you safely and comfortably move around without any personal assistance. Anyone with mobility challenges — seniors, physically disabled, people with arthritis, injured, and others — can benefit from our mobility products in Berthoud.

Located near Berthoud, CO, we not only specialize in providing cutting-edge mobility equipment but we also install it in your home so that you don’t go through any hassles. All of our products are carefully designed to suit every home space and budget. With our equipment installed in your home, you will rest assured of regaining your freedom and complete independence moving around. Plus, we have a one-year warranty on every installation we do.

What makes us different from other dealers is our customer service, after our state-of-the-art products. We take no chances when it comes to a seamless and hassle-free customer experience. To ensure that, we are always ready to provide you with prompt customer support, no-cost repairs for parts under warranty, preventative maintenance & service tips, and assistance with any problem you may have while using our mobility devices. Your freedom and amazing experience with our product are what we seek.

Mobility Equipment by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

Check out our list products to turn any space fully accessible for people with reduced mobility:

Straight Stairlifts in Berthoud
To help people with reduced mobility safely move up and down the stairs at home, we install top-of-the-line new and used straight stairlifts in Berthoud equipped with an upper-level start and stop mechanism for a smooth and safe transition. No matter the length of the staircase, as long as it is straight, these lifts will fit perfectly on it. What’s more, they also don’t demand any home modification, saving you thousands of dollars.

Our straight stairlifts in Berthoud come with reliable safety features, including, but not limited to, a seat belt, power seat swivel, and digital control panel. This helps mitigate the risk of slip and fall while using the lift. To know more, visit the Straight Stairlift page.

Curved Stairlifts in Berthoud
Many homes have curved staircases, making a straight stairlift installation on them difficult. For those homes, we have curved stairlifts customized to fit every curved flight of stairs, no matter the degree of curve. Upon installation, you can be certain of gliding up and down the stairs without hassles and independently.

Our curved stairlifts in Berthoud are built to prevent slips and falls, which is common among people with reduced mobility. They have the latest safety features, such as danger sensors, emergency brakes, safety belts, and others, that together work to offer the safest user experience. They are also equipped with cushioned seats, padded armrests, and reliable footrest for a comfortable and stable ride. Regain your freedom of reaching multiple floors of the home safely and without assistance with our custom stairlifts in Berthoud. To know more, visit the Curved Stairlifts page.

Vertical Platform Lifts in Berthoud
Many people who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter struggle to access entryways, deck steps, and other raised platforms in and around their homes. To help combat this challenge, we offer a residential wheelchair lift in Berthoud. Also known as a vertical platform lift, it is the most sought-after mobility solution to easily and safely reach raised platforms without assistance. The user needs to step or roll their wheelchair or mobility scooter onto its flat surface and elevate it to the desired height with the help of a control panel. In homes where multiple steps provide entry, it is the most popular choice as it’s safer, affordable, and easy to install. To know more, visit the Vertical Stairlifts page.

Handicap Ceiling Lift System in Berthoud
A ceiling lift system comprises an overhead motor that attaches to either a stationary track or portable overhead track which connects to the ceiling. A carrying device — a sling or a lifter— connects to the motor and holds the ceiling lift user. The user is then transferred to any point on the track. Upon reaching the destination point, they are raised or lowered as required. The most common transfers with handicap Ceiling Lift System in Berthoud include from and to the bed, wheelchair, chair, toilet, and shower.

Residential Elevators in Berthoud
Our residential Elevator in Berthoud is an excellent option for those with mobility issues. It makes accessing multiple floors of their homes easy and safe without the need for a stairlift. It requires little or no home modification for installation, saving you huge construction costs. After the installation, you can easily roll your wheelchair or scooter onto its platform and reach the desired floor using a control panel. This saves you the trouble of sitting and getting up from a stairlift. Plus, there is no risk of slip and fall when using home elevators for sale in Berthoud. For more information about them, visit the Elevator page.

Why Buy Mobility Equipment From Us?
We are a locally owned independent in-home accessibility equipment dealer, based near Berthoud, Colorado, with over 20 years of experience in sales, installation, and service of new and refurbished ceiling lifts in Berthoud, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, home elevators, ramps, automatic door openers, and more. Besides, we have a local showroom near Berthoud to make it easier for you to find us. We also sell used wheelchair lifts in Berthoud, used vertical platform lifts Berthoud, and other mobility products to suit your budget.

Feel free to contact us today and let us make your home fully accessible for you.

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