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Be it by birth, disease, or accident, having a disability can be difficult. Basic tasks like walking, climbing stairs, getting chores done, getting in and out of bed, all are examples of how challenging life can be for individuals who can’t move around on their own. Whether it’s a trusted helper or a capable machine, assisted aid is required.

Independent Living Solutions, Inc. houses superior mobility equipment, catering to your safety and comfort. Built by top-of-the-line manufacturers, our products enable you to move around your home and outside carefree. Depending on the nature of your disability, we have a suitable product to offer you in Fort Lupton. Ranging from stair lifts to home elevators, we provide you with safe equipment that requires no assistance.

In the hour of need, we are the trusted mobility equipment provider of Fort Lupton. Residents prefer leaving their safety securely in our hands. Not to forget, for parts under warranty, we offer maintenance, no-cost repairs, and assistance with any issue you may encounter. Our team is assuringly by your side, promising world-class support while enjoying your independence moving around.

Mobility Equipment by Independent Living Solutions, Inc.

Here are a few of the mobility aids that we install in your home to make it fully accessible:

Curved Stair Lifts

As the name suggests, curved stair lifts in Fort Lupton transport the rider to multiple floors, continuously along a curved staircase. If you have spiraling stairs and no provision to install an elevator, this is your best solution. The track is custom made to ensure the best fit possible. No matter the number of turns or curves, this mechanism is suitable for homes that have multiple levels.

Mobility Scooter

No matter your age, our mobility scooters in Fort Lupton are perfect for anyone who can sit-up and maneuver a handle. Some of the models you can consider include portable or heavy-duty scooters, 3 or 4 wheel scooters, or long distance scooters. Considered better than a power wheelchair, these cost-effective and easy to use power operated scooters help people with disabilities safely get through with daily activities. Few of the features that make these stand out:

  • Longer battery life to enjoy the town

  • Adjustable seat for height and posture

  • Safety features like a horn and powerful brakes to safely transport you around

  • A front basket to conveniently carry items

Inclined Platform Lift

An inclined platform lift, in Fort Lupton, is a flat platform that is rigged to a mechanism that can convey your entire wheelchair up a flight of stairs. It follows the incline of the staircase and can be installed to either straight or slightly curving rails. For this mobility equipment to make the cut at your home, certain requirements like stability of stairs, material of railing, and even angle of incline need to be considered.

Ceiling Lift System

If you have difficulty moving around and need home care, a ceiling lift is for you. These systems can be placed anywhere to safely move around a person in need within a room. The most common transfers are to and from the bed, wheelchair, toilet, and shower. If you have limited to no use of your limbs and spine, this mechanism uses a motor to hoist a patient up before using the motorized channels installed to move you around. If you’re on a budget, then we propose buying used ceiling lifts in Fort Lupton. Given that they’re quite the steal, our offer is applicable on a first come-first-serve basis.

For all this, and more, contact us today and we’ll have one of our agents assisting you instantly.

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