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Is your mobility problem getting in the way of fully enjoying the comfort of your home? What if we tell you that we provide solutions that overcome the challenges presented by your mobility issues. Here at Independent Living Solutions, we deal in the sales, installation, and service of new and recycled home accessibility equipment that allows you to access any part of your house on your own. We believe that the home is a haven for quality time, and every family member should experience its comfort regardless of their health or condition. If you have been struggling to fully access your home because of your mobility issues, our indoor accessibility equipment such as our residential elevators in Golden Colorado can enhance your mobility and inspire a sense of freedom and independence.

Choose The Best For Your Need From a Variety of Different Accessibility Equipment

Different kinds of disabilities and mobility issues present varying types of challenges. To provide effective solutions to these varied mobility challenges, Independent Living Solution offers a variety of new and recycled accessibility equipment that feature unique functions. Stairs present the most challenges to the disbled and those with limited mobility. To make stairs accessible at home, we offer the stair lifts in Golden Colorado that come in two types; one for staircases that are straight or curved. Inclined platform lift Golden is equipment used for accessing small flights of stairs that are specially designed for wheelchair users. Home elevators for sale in Golden allow changing of levels at home with ease.. Recycled ceiling lift in Golden Colorado can transfer a person by using a motor and a sling and is ideal for people who have little energy or control of their body. Residential walk-in bathtubs in Golden eliminate certain risks innate to regular bathtubs by providing an easier entry that does not involve the hazardous stepping over of the tub wall.

Install Accessibility Equipment That Does Not Require Home Reconstruction

Do you dream of having access to your entire house? Well, you can make your dream a reality soon as our accessibility equipment can be installed in your home without having to make any change. We offer a wide range of different types of equipment including straight stair lift in Golden Colorado and curved stair lifts Golden Colorado that come with their own unique features. While these are meant to address the specific needs of the person with mobility problems, they also provide options for what is most suitable to the design and construction of the house. When you buy equipment from us such as a used vertical platform lift in Golden, there is little to be done on your part. Our team of trained technicians will handle all the work, from delivery, installation, to maintenance service.

Buy High Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices And Experience a New Life

Recycling equipment enables us to keep the price lower than buying new. All the equipment types we offer are manufactured by trusted and prominent companies that have earned a reputation for quality. Make your purchase from Independent Living Solutions to get home accessibility equipment at affordable prices without compromising on product quality. In addition to indoor accessibility equipment, we also offer mobility scooter in Golden and several other types of handicap equipment in Golden.

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