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Are you looking to buy new or used handicap equipment? You have come to the right place. At Independent Living Solutions, we have a vast inventory of brand new mobility devices as well as handicap used equipment for homes that will help you to move around with minimal assistance.

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Common daily tasks, such as going up the stairs, showering, and opening doors prove to be challenging for seniors, individuals with disabilities, those who are recovering from surgery, and people living with arthritis or joint pain.

By equipping their homes with the right mobility tools and handicap used equipment, they can stay safe and take care of their daily needs without having to depend on their caregivers. This can be really important in restoring their sense of independence and in boosting their quality of life.

Get Brand New Assistive Equipment For Your Home

Many people living with disabilities often have to switch to a care facility because of their mobility issues. This is because their homes have numerous obstacles that put their safety at risk and do not meet their mobility needs. However, by installing assistive equipment made and customized as per their condition and their home’s layout, they can choose to live happily in the comfort and company of their loved ones.

At Independent Living Solutions, we strive to ensure that you have the devices you need to make living at home stress-free and safe. We have high-quality, brand new assistive equipment, and we offer installation services for your peace of mind. Also, we collaborate with Medicaid clients who can apply for grants to equip their homes with a range of mobility and assistive devices.

Buy Handicap Used Equipment In Denver

If your home is a safe space then obstacles shouldn’t stop you from accessing every part of it whenever you want. With Independent Living Solutions, you can improve your mobility around your home. Whether you need an elevator to access the topmost floor or a walk-in shower that guarantees your privacy, we have got you covered.

Many people with mobility issues steer clear of home modifications as these often come with a hefty price tag. Moreover, Medicare does not pay for home modifications. But not to worry; we have a solution for that too. You can modify your home on a budget. Our used mobility and refurbished adaptive equipment come with a great deal of cost savings, as opposed to getting brand new devices for your home. We have a great collection of used items from renowned manufacturers who adhere to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

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You deserve comfort and convenience in your own home. If you seek to modify your abode to suit your mobility needs, get in touch with us today. We’d love to answer any questions you may have about our product offerings! Our experts are also here to help you choose the best handicap used equipment for your home. Call us at 303-463-8200 today.

Ceiling Lifts For The Disabled: A Step Towards Independent Living

The search for mobility solutions is never-ending when you want to help people with disabilities or mobility impairments. The urge to move around and live life independently is common among those who are not able to do so. The patient’s concerns also become a caregiver’s worry. Fortunately, the technology has advanced incredibly over the years that you can now avail yourself of wheelchairs, stair lifts, ramps, ceiling tracks, and other facilities at your home or any different setting. In this blog, we shed light on motorized ceiling track for the disabled – a perfect mobility partner.

If you are looking for something that would enable a loved one to move around safely and without much assistance, we list down some reasons why you should consider purchasing a motorized ceiling track system for the disabled. First, let us understand what a ceiling lift is.

What Is A Ceiling Lift?

Motorized ceiling lifts are ideal, unique solutions because they provide numerous benefits to caregivers, nurses, and end-users in any care setting. The ceiling lift motor is connected to the ceiling track to transport people with limited mobility in and around a room. You can install it throughout a building or in just one room. Moreover, it is useful when you want to move individuals from their bed to their bath, wheelchair, and more.

The Benefits Of Ceiling Lifts

It Is Comfortable.

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of ceiling lifts is the comfort that it provides to the patients. Ceiling track lifts are quick and easy to use. Ceiling lifts at homes for the handicap are never in the way – it means a fewer risk of falling and tripping within any care environment. What’s more, since they are always available, they can be accessed or used whenever needed. They quickly become a natural part of a person’s life while handling mobility issues.

It Doesn’t Take Up Space.

One major issue that care providers and patients face with mobility equipment is that they occupy a lot of space. However, that’s not the case with a motorized ceiling track for the disabled. Not only do they offer an excellent level of strength and safety, but it’s great for a place that has space constraints. Ceiling lifts take up absolutely no space, which means you can use them even in restricted areas like toilets and bathrooms.

It Is Easy To Use.

Often, a technology, when newly introduced, is thought to be complicated. But positioning an individual is much easier when using a motorized ceiling track system for the disabled. Ceiling lifts are designed to offer comfort and safety for the patients and caregivers when they perform transfer procedures. These procedures only require a minimal effort for operation, and in most cases, they can be managed by a single person. The zip-line track equipment enables a user to lower, turn, reposition, and transfer without the caregiver’s physical effort, which means fewer chances of injury for everyone.

It Improves Lifestyle.

The most important benefit of having ceiling lifts is that they are significant contributors to a person’s quality of life. They are accommodating, returning people to their comfortable environment, and providing them with the necessary support they need. A ceiling lift can offer freedom of movement to the end-user without much effort from the caregiver.

Ceiling tracks are vital to providing better well-being and comfort to those in need. To find out more about ceiling lifts for homes for the handicapped and all kinds of mobility solutions, get in touch with Independent Living Solutions.

Making Your Home A Mobility-Friendly Space

If a loved one develops a mobility issue, it is imperative that you make certain changes in your home to ensure the space can be safely navigated by them. Otherwise, accidents and injuries can become a common phenomenon. For example, normal stairs cannot be accessed by someone with limited mobility and result in falls which may further aggravate the condition.

Fortunately, there exist various products and equipment that transform your home into a mobility-friendly space, such as modern residential elevators and stair lifts. Here are a few things you can do:

    1. Get a Stair Lift Installed
      Investing in a high-quality stair lift is of utmost importance if a family member has limited mobility. There are straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts. This permanent home modification will ensure accessibility to your loved one to all floors of the home.
    2. Consider a Residential Elevator
      Elevators are an excellent alternative to a stair lift. They are swift, safe, and reliable. In other words, a great solution to make your living space mobility-friendly. Some people may feel installing a residential elevator is cost-prohibitive. However, it adds to the value of your property! More importantly, it is an investment that ensures your home is accessible to those with limited mobility.
      We have used residential elevators for sale that are in perfect condition and are affordable.
    3. Invest in Ramps
      Stairs are a health hazard for those with limited mobility. But they are a requirement in any multi-story house. If it is a story-story ranch, there will be a couple of steps to the doorway. The mobility product you need is a ramp. Different ramp styles exist for meeting different needs.
      We carry a wide selection of ramps, from portable wheelchair ramps and single fold ramps to rubber threshold ramps and permanent ramps. Let us know your requirement and budget. We will assist you in finding the perfect ramp.
    4. Get Rid of Doorknobs
      Doorknobs may be hard to use for a loved one with a mobility issue. Replace them with press lever handles, push/pull bars, or automatic door openers. This will tremendously increase your home’s accessibility.
    5. Ensure the Bathroom is Accessible
      Removing bathing barriers is also of utmost importance to truly make a home mobility-friendly. Your bathroom may be full of obstacles. For example, slick tiles are a health hazard when soapy and wet. So, grippy mats are essential in the bathroom. Tubs may not be accessible due to tall sides. Make necessary updates, like invest in a step-in-tub, to reduce fall risks.

Final Note

Apart from investing in mobility products, you should also be mindful of your surfaces.

Rough grout and thick rugs can make an area hard to access for a loved one using mobility aids and devices like walkers and canes.

If you want to make your home easily accessible to those with limited mobility, get in touch with Independent Living Solutions. We carry a selection of new and recycled accessibility products, like stair lifts, modern residential elevators, and ramps.

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