Common Myths About Power Lift Recliner Chairs That You Shouldn’t Fall For

As our parents progress towards the golden years of their lives, it becomes challenging for them to perform even the most simple tasks, such as getting up from a chair. To ensure that your loved ones can live independently and do as much on their own as possible, a power lift chair can be an excellent investment.

The chair is an ideal solution for anyone who struggles to get in and out of a chair because of their mobility issues. These chairs gently raise you from a sitting to a standing position, helping you sit and stand comfortably & independently. However, despite the benefits that they offer, there are certain misconceptions about using these chairs that can prevent you from making an informed decision as a consumer.

Here are some most common myths about power lift recliner chairs that you shouldn’t fall for.

Myth- They Impede Your Independence

Many people believe power lift recliners hinder independence and inhibit your ability to live alone, but that’s not always true. If anything, a power lift recliner chair fosters independence. Since these chairs are power-operated, they make it convenient for the older adults to come out of their reclined position and into an upright one. They also make it much easier for them to get up on their own, which makes them ideal for those who live alone or don’t have any help getting around in their homes. They’re also useful for seniors recovering from surgery, who might not have anyone to help them with things like getting up from a reclined position.

Myth- They Can Decrease Your Muscular Strength

Another myth about small lift recliners for the elderly that looms over the mobility industry is that these chairs can lead to a decline in muscular strength. However, this is far from the truth! Most people are under the impression that being seated in a recliner chair for an extended period of time can decrease your muscular strength. While the strength of your muscles depends on the level of activity you engage in, it is crucial to understand that the chair has nothing to do with this cause-and-effect relationship. In fact, a power lift recliner chair ensures that there is less strain put on your joints by allowing you to adjust the height of your seat. So being able to rise comfortably with less pain can actually help to increase muscular strength and mobility rather than decrease it.

Myth- They are Unsafe for the Elderly

One of the biggest misconceptions about power lift recliners is that they are dangerous. A lot of people think these types of chairs will make them take flight like a fighter pilot ejector seat. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A power lift recliner chair works very slowly and gently, so you don’t have to worry about them being unsafe for those with limited mobility. Besides, they are easy to control, which means you can simply stop them by releasing a button.

When it comes to taking care of the elderly, it is essential to be well informed and wary of any potential pitfalls that might stand in the way of effective caregiving. If you’re looking for small lift recliners for the elderly for sale, get in touch with us today!

5 Easy Ways to Create A Wheelchair-friendly Space: Best Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps & More

Creating an “accessible” home can seem intimidating and in a way, it can be. From creating mindful floor plans, spacious doorways, and chair lifts to many other architectural changes, a carefully designed “accessible” home requires effort, time, and planning. However, if your loved one is needing a wheelchair temporarily or your home receives visits from wheelchair-using loved ones now and then, this blog will be helpful for you.

We have shared some easy-to-implement yet practical tips to make your space more wheelchair-friendly in a hassle-free way.


Rather than investing in a new stairlift altogether, a used stairlift might be better if your home has multiple stories. Stairlifts are a great way to ease access to different floors without any worries or putting a strain on your loved one’s knees. A reliable dealer can help you get an excellent stairlift option, carefully refurbished and offering the same value as promised by its manufacturer.

Additionally, it won’t hurt your pocket once you are done using it.


Aluminum wheelchair ramps are easy to install while improving the functionality of wheelchairs across a space tremendously. You can opt for portable options, or the best aluminum wheelchair ramps, depending on the utility and design of your space. Besides, even if you go for permanent installation, ramps prove highly beneficial due to their functionality and use-case. While evaluating your home for ramp access, ask these questions to yourself:

  • Is there adequate space available for a ramp?
  • Does the ramp need to make turns to improve access?
  • Is the lot relatively flat or significantly slopes away from the house if you think of installing it at the front door?
  • While improving access from the garage to the house, what’s the position of the door entering the house relative to the parking area?


This doesn’t take much time, money, or effort to improve accessibility in your space and maximizes safety against slipping and falls substantially. Grab bars help with stability, especially when getting up or down the toilet seat or coming out of the shower. Be strategic in its installation and mindful of the “reach” and size of the handle.


If your living room, alley, hallway, or other high-traffic area is too congested or occupied with too much decor or furniture for a wheelchair, try to take out a few pieces and rearrange your space. Remove all the heavy and big pieces out of the way of movement to add some width. Also, consider raising the height of the furniture to make the transfer from the wheelchair easy and seamless. Use wooden blocks or furniture coasters for the same.


Do you have a messy kitchen with storage items lying around? Are the stacks in your closet too high for the wheelchair user? Arrange the appliances at a lower height and everyday objects in the lower cabinets. Lower the closet rods to make reaching for clothes easier.

A little thing to note here is that you might have to customize the list depending on your loved one’s lifestyle and level of accessibility. This is a generic blog that includes all the easy to install hacks to improve the functionality of your home. If you would like expert assistance in deciding on accessibility solutions for your home, browse our website or connect with us.

When Using A Stairlift, Always Keep These Safety Tips In Mind

Just because a senior or person is dealing with mobility issues, it does not mean he/she cannot move up and down the stairs in their own home safely and easily. Thanks to manufacturers who make quality stairlifts, people struggling with mobility issues can comfortably sit on a mechanized chair connected to a railing and travel up and down stairs. Although installing stairlifts is a bit expensive, you can consider going for reconditioned straight stairlift if you cannot afford a brand new one. The best thing about these stairlifts is, you get to enjoy the same convenience that brand new stairlifts offer at an affordable price. Whether you go with refurbished or brand new stairlifts, one thing you need to keep in mind while using them is safety. While they can make your life easier, stairlifts can also prove risky for the user if they are not used correctly. In this blog, we will tell you how you can use your stairlift safely. Let’s get started.

Always Remember To Fold The Seat

The best thing about these stairlifts is, they can be easily folded when you are not using them. If the lift’s seat, arms, and footrest are not folded up, then people using the stairs have less walking space which could cause a fall resulting in injury. Some stairlifts can be equipped with a power folding footrest option so the user does not have to bend over to fold the footrest.

Stairlift Can Lift Only One Person At A Time

Anybody in your home can use the stairlift to move up and down the stairs. However, keep in mind that stairlifts are designed in such a way that only one person can use it at a time. So, if you are thinking of taking your grandchild with you on a stairlift, keep in mind that you can injure yourself and the other person with you. Do not travel up and down with multiple passengers. Every stairlift manufacturer clearly identifies the weight limit of the stairlift, we will strongly advise you to never exceed this limit.

Take Stairlift Maintenance Seriously

Your stairlift will continue to perform well as long as you take care of its maintenance requirements. It is essential for you to understand that risk of accidents go up if your stairlift is not properly maintained. That is why it is important you do not ignore signs of wear and tear and malfunction in your stairlift. If you can notice that your stairlift is not working as it normally does, get in touch with a professional who knows how to repair issues in stairlifts. Also, do not try to fix your stairlift on your own. You might injure yourself or unknowingly cause further damage to the stairlift.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, some other things you should do to use stairlifts safely include using the seatbelt every time you use the stairlift and keeping the stairs clear of obstructions. As long as you do these things, you will be able to use your stairlift without any issue. And if you need to purchase new or refurbished stairlifts, you can contact Independent Living Solutions. We specialize in providing top-quality accessibility equipment. We can help you get the right stairlift for your home. We also install and service stairlifts. To know more, feel free to call us at 303-463-8200.

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