5 Ways in Which an Inclined Platform Lift Can Make Life Easier

It’s horrible seeing yourself or a loved one struggling with stairs at home. And, why would you do if you can fix the problem with an inclined platform wheelchair lift? These lifts can provide the wheelchair user with the desired support without putting their safety at risk, ensuring improved mobility and self-reliance for the user.

Here’s how:

Stairs – no more barriers

With inclines platform lifts (IPLs) by your side, stairs remain no barriers. They are similar to vertical platform lifts except the way they move. While VPLs move in a vertical direction, these lifts travel along the inclination of your staircase while leaving stairs clear. The best part is, IPLs can be installed on both straight as well as curved staircases.

Convenience at its best

While IPLs require significance space for installation, they are truly worth it. They can be installed on the existing staircase (if they are wide enough) without making much space adjustment. In this way, they are suitable for homes with multiple floors, making it as convenient as possible for your elders.

Smoothness and quietness

For people confined to wheelchairs, it is not just basic arrangements that they need to lead a quality life. They need these arrangements to be as convenient as possible. IPLs make a point here as well. They don’t make a lot of noise and their operation is quite smooth, offering the required peace of mind to the wheelchair user without compromising on mobility.


For long-term mobility requirements, these lifts are among the most cost-efficient ways to ensure mobility in a space with stairs. They seem expensive at first but they pay it back in the long run – making it worth every dollar spent. Your purchase options and preferences may differ from one case to the other. While you may prefer buying a new IPL for a long-term disability, you may want to save money by purchasing a used one for a temporary requirement.


With restricted mobility comes the risk of getting injured. IPLs put an end to this by providing the wheelchair user with a safe mode of transportation between the floors, ensuring improved mobility and safety altogether. You can further research on this or discuss it with the support team and make a purchase only after being sure about it.


IPLs provide senior people and the ones with a disability with a platform that supports them in traveling up and down a staircase, promoting mobility and independence. This sense of independence boosts their confidence that is visible in everything they do, from enjoying outdoor activities more to connecting with their surroundings in a better way.

The bottom line

Inclined platform lifts are quite useful for homes with people with a disability. These lifts come with great safety features. You can purchase a new product or go for a used one, whichever best fits your budget.

In case you’re looking for an inclined platform lift, you can reach out to us and get one for your space.

Buying Reconditioned Stairlifts for Curved Stairs at Home

People with restricted mobility may find it challenging to get to the next floor. Curved stairlifts can make it possible for them. No matter how many turns your staircase has, you can always enjoy continuous access. However, their high prices may become a problem if you have a restricted budget. To combat that, you can opt for reconditioned stairlifts for curved stairs and enjoy the same quality for a fraction of cost.

Is it a good idea to buy a used one?

Different people may have different opinions on using refurbished products. But if you look at the safety features, reconditioned stairlifts offer the same functionality as new curved stairlifts. With reconditioned stairlifts for curved stairs, you can enjoy the same performance with a smaller investment.


Safety is a priority for stair lift users.  Refurbished curved stairlifts are thoroughly tested before they are available for sale. So, they offer the same level of safety as new curved stairlifts do while moving between floors.

Ease of access

With a stair lift, you can easily access your house from bottom to top. It becomes an easy task. They are easy to operate and come with useful features that make it possible for you to keep using them throughout the day without a hassle. And, the ease of use is not compromised if you choose to buy a used stairlift.


You’re most comfortable when you know you’re safe. Our state of the art products provide you with the needed mobility. A curved stairlift is just another option which provides the maximum ease of use. No matter whether you’re buying a new curved stairlift or reconditioned one, you can enjoy maximum convenience.

Continuous movements

With a used stairlift, there is nothing stopping you – not even the budget. While curved stairlifts are loved for offering people continuous movements between two or more floors, reconditioned stairlifts offer the same solution at a lesser cost.


You cannot have someone to help you navigate different corners all the time. And, you don’t want it, too. So, what’s stopping you? Those stairs, not for sure. Get a refurbished stairlift installed at home and enjoy the same independence without breaking the bank. There’s nothing better you could do to restore your freedom.

Injury prevention

Elders with a disability are always at risk of injuries. They stay at home most all the time. Moving between the floors safely requires a curved stairlift while minimizing transfers. Thanks to refurbished stairlifts that prevent injuries just like new ones do.

The bottom line

Stairlifts make life easy and enjoyable for people with physical disabilities. They can move to different floors, enjoy independence, and feel safer at home. If you have budget restrictions, you can buy a refurbished stairlift and enjoy the same benefits without breaking the bank.

In case you’re looking for a used curved stair lift for sale, reach out to us today.

Choosing The Best Vertical Platform Lift To Make The Best Of Your Bucks: Buying Tips

Although the concept of home elevators and stairlifts to improve accessibility across a home space for the elderly and people with disabilities isn’t new, the market continues to see improvements and innovations. If you are thinking about installing an unenclosed vertical platform lift in your space, you are likely to be in a dilemma considering the number of options and features available in the market. After 20 years of dealing with the supply of superior quality assistive products from various reliable manufacturing brands, in this blog, we will be sharing our learning to help you make the best of your investment.




The spot of installation will decide whether your space requires any refurbishment or not. The footprint of your lift choice will depend upon the arrangement of the doors and the space needed in front of the entrance to access the lift. This includes the way your door opens and closes.


An open/ unenclosed vertical platform lift doesn’t have a hoistway. When a lift passes through a floor it is required to have a hoistway.


Depending upon the location of the lift, you need to consider the safety features being offered by the manufacturer. It’s better to go for one with a landing gate or a mini door for the top landing to prevent accidental falls and trips. Another noteworthy feature is the presence of a pit or a ramp.


This is where your budgeting and cost come in. in all fairness, refurbished used wheelchair lifts for sale or any other platform lift is just as good as a new one. You get every benefit and perk at a substantially low price. With a reliable supplier of quality used wheelchair lifts for sale, you will be able to attain all the benefits the manufacturer has to offer in a new one. Also, depending on the amount of usage and your plan to upgrade your space, you can go for either of the options.


Size indeed matters here. Every manufacturer provides the dimensions of space needed for installation.  This footprint varies depending on the size and configuration of the wheelchair lift.


The most common drive systems used in platform lifts are guided chain, screw drive, and hydraulic. It’s better to read the product manual, check out the info guide, and talk to your supplier regarding the choice that would be ideal for you. This way, you will be able to assess and understand the implications of the drive system for functioning, performance, longevity, and other space requirements.

Apart from the six aspects mentioned above, your choice will depend on your utility and unique requirements that might not be generic as these points discussed. If you would like some expert guidance, talk to us at (303)-463-8200 today!

Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Recliner Lift Chair

Who says finding the right lift chair recliner is going to be easy? Since there are so many options in the market in terms of fabrics, sizes, and features, needless to say it can get a bit difficult to choose a one that meets all your needs. You will face this problem if you do not know what to consider when shopping for a lift chair recliner. In this blog, we will make the whole process simpler for you by telling you what to factor in when buying a lift chair. Let’s get started.

Your Body Weight And Height

It would be foolish to shop for a chair without taking into account the size of the person who will be using the chair. Each recliner chair has a weight capacity and we will advise you to get a chair that is ideal for your weight. Ignoring this might put you at risk of injuring yourself. And to make sure that your head and legs get proper support while sitting on the chair, buy a chair that is perfect for people of your height.

Your Purpose For Using It

A lot of people get surprised at this but it is essential to consider how you will use the chair. Are you going to use it for purely sleeping or daily use, or both? Once you know this, it will become easier for you to determine how many motors your recliner chair needs to have. There are two recliner chairs in the market. One comes with one motor and others come with two motors. Go for a one motor lift chair if you will use your recliner chair for only daily activities. Two motor lift chairs are ideal for those users who plan to sleep on their chairs with great comfort.

Color of The Chair And Its Fabric

Normally, you will find four options for upholstery type, namely spill-proof fabric, vinyl, synthetic leather, and fabric. And what’s great is that there many color options with each upholstery type. So, it will be easier for you to find a chair that will go well with the interior of your house. What upholstery type and color you decide to go with is purely your call.

So, there you have it. When shopping for the best power lift recliners for elderly people, do not forget to take into account the above-mentioned points. At Independent Living Solutions, you can find world class power lift recliner chairs. If interested, get in touch with us today by calling at (303) 463-8200.

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