Wooden Versus Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp system is a great solution to increase the accessibility of your house or place of business for wheelchairs or scooters. There are a number of things to think about when assessing your home for wheelchair access through a ramp, such as the installation site and material choice. Ramp systems can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular ones are aluminium or wood. Here are some things to consider when making a decision between a wood ramp and an aluminium one.

Aluminium Ramps

A metal ramp is dismissed by some homeowners because they believe it would look too industrial and clash with the design of their house. Aluminium ramps, however, have a number of qualities that make them a favorable option. You can now get powder-coated ramps that better complement the appearance of your house or place of work.

Factors to be considered when choosing aluminium ramps:

  • Ramps made of aluminium are quick and simple to install. An aluminium ramp may be erected in a day and normally costs $50 per square foot.

  • Aluminium ramps are incredibly sturdy and durable and don’t require much maintenance. Plus, aluminium ramps are easy to remove, and they can then be moved or sold.

  • Aluminium ramps are frequently available for rental if your requirements are temporary. They also don’t require permits to install.

  • Since aluminium ramps are normally deemed temporary, permits are typically not needed. They are therefore put in place over already-existing porches, steps, walkways, and yards.

  • They feature built-in feet that rest on the ground. To further distribute the stress on soft surfaces, concrete patio blocks or bricks are placed beneath the pads.

  • They also provide outstanding water and snow shedding. Metal ramps, especially aluminium, can withstand the usage of some forms of snowmelt and are less prone to ice formation.

  • Aluminium often costs more than steel, making metal ramps more expensive than wood. However, you can get used aluminium wheelchair ramps for sale, making them an affordable option.

Wood Ramps

Some homeowners believe that a wooden wheelchair ramp is the best option since they believe it to be less expensive and more attractive than a metal ramp. Undoubtedly, a properly constructed and maintained wooden ramp may be both attractive and useful.

However, property owners need to consider the following:

  • Building wooden ramps takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. A wooden ramp can frequently take up to a week to construct, adding to the hefty labor costs.

  • A wooden ramp must be maintained similarly to a wooden deck to keep users safe and keep its beautiful looks. A wooden ramp is more likely to splinter, crack, warp, and fade without it.

  • Wooden ramps can become slippery in rainy weather, so safety measures like non-slip treads should be taken into account.

  • A wooden ramp cannot be moved and must be removed, which takes a lot of time and labor and often costs money.

  • Wood ramps, which are typically regarded as permanent structures, might need survey plats, building permits, and concrete piers positioned below the frost line.

  • Wood ramps will decay and need regular repair, even when made of pressure-treated lumber. Ramps in full sunlight suffer from this in particular. Another problem with wood ramps in humid and shaded places is the growth of mold and algae, which is ugly and slick. On these ramps, snow and ice buildup can occur.

Considering the benefits of aluminium over wood ramps, if you decide to buy used aluminium wheelchair ramps for sale, visit our website.

Features to Check Before Buying a Curved Stair Lift Online

Many people with disabilities need to rely on their family members or caretakers for essential help. Going to the bathroom & getting out of bed can be challenging to manage independently. Whereas visiting the top floors or up the stairs is a different story. But with modern times, modern solutions have been discovered. Buying a curved stair lift for sale is one of them.

No matter the shape of the stairs, a curved stair lift allows people to reach the top floors easily. Thus, you won’t have to rely on others to take you around the home. Now, no need to avoid setting foot on the top floors due to your disability. A curved stair lift will make it possible for you.

  • Park Stations

    If the walls at your home are curved, you would need this feature in the curved stair lift. A 90 or 180-degree park station would make it easier to stop and start your journey from stair landings.

  • Safety Measures

    If the curved stair lift is not sturdy enough, it can result in a huge hazard. Features like safety sensors, seat belts, power footrests, etc., are critical. In case of any obstructions in the stair lift path, the sensor will stop the ascend. At the same time, a seat belt and power footrest would keep the stance of the person sitting steady. The curved stair lift for sale also comes with a power seat swivel, so the lift can be maneuvered easily.

  • Custom Made

    There are few curved stair lifts for sale available in the market for those accustomed to curved stairs. The ones from Independent Living Solutions are designed according to the customer’s house layouts. This allows the lifts to be well-acquainted with the stair’s design, making the ride up and down smooth. Through their design, customers won’t need any assistance from others to navigate their way through the house. Customizing the curved stair lift also makes it much safer and more comfortable.

  • Added Batteries

    In case of a power outage in your area, nobody wishes to get stuck in the middle of their stair ride. Thus, make sure to buy a curved stair lift for sale with internal batteries. In case of no power, charge it through the batteries delivering you to safety in one of the landings. This is a handy feature that can save your life, along with helping you save precious time.

  • Lots Of Space

    It is one of the most significant issues a family has to live with. The stair lifts give less space for other family members to roam the house easily. Many families have pets who can also find it difficult with the equipment. But buying the curved stair lift for sale online solves this issue perfectly. As these stair lifts are attached closely to the stair’s railing, there is enough space for others.

How to Operate a Handicap Chair Lift for Stairs?

Seniors with limited mobility can move between floors of their homes safely and affordably with the help of a stair lift. If you want a handicap chair lift for stairs fitted in your home, you might be interested in learning how it operates because using it isn’t as simple as you initially thought. There is no need to worry, though. We’ve created a straightforward guide to help you learn how to operate them safely and efficiently after you buy a handicap chair lift for stairs. But first, how to get into the chair?

How to safely get on a handicap chair lift for stairs?

While boarding a handicap chair lift for stairs is similar to boarding any other chair, there are a few things you should watch out for at the bottom and top landings to ensure your safety.

When landing on the bottom of the stairs

Ensure the seat is locked and the armrests are folded down. When you’re prepared to sit down, make sure your knees are touching the front of the seat and that your hands can reach the armrests. Fold the footrest manually with your foot or hand while seated. Using a power folding footrest is advised if the user’s limited mobility prevents them from manually folding the footrest down.

Landing at the top of the stairs

It would be best if you folded down the seat, footrest, and armrests. You can securely sit on the chair by pushing the seat lever to swivel it 90 degrees away from the stairway and lock it into the spot. For a secure descent, buckle up your seatbelt and then reposition the seat.

How to operate a handicap chair lift for stairs

  1. Take a seat on the stairlift. Never be embarrassed to ask for assistance if you need it.

  2. Securely fasten the seatbelt on your stair lift. If you lose your balance or the stairlift runs into a barrier, this will keep you safe.

  3. Get the stairlift ready for the journey. The chair can be locked and turned to face the opposite side of the staircase. Put your feet on the footrest by flipping it downward. Flip down the armrests as well.

  4. Turn on the stairlift. Usually, one of the armrests will have a rocker switch. The stair lift goes one way when the button is flipped on one side; in the opposite direction when the switch is flipped the other way.

  5. When you get to the top of the stairs, wait. A handicap chair lift for stairs has an emergency cutoff switch, which will cause it to stop and take you to the opposite end of the stairs if it encounters any obstacles.

  6. To exit the stair lift, turn the stair lift away from the stairs, unbuckle your seatbelt, and raise the footrest and both armrests.

  7. After that, get off the stairlift and continue with your day.

Now, you can easily buy a handicap chair lift for stairs and use it efficiently without any problems!

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