Three Tips to Keep Your Home Elevator in Tip-Top Condition

Installing a residential elevator in the home is an excellent investment. It can enable people with mobility challenges to reach multiple floors of a home. Just like any other equipment, it also requires routine maintenance to keep running smoothly. Over time, it’s likely to go through wear and tear, which can shorten its life. But with regular maintenance, not only will you extend its lifetime, but you will also save on repair costs.

Here is how you can keep your best used residential elevators for sale in good condition:

Schedule inspection

To ensure that your elevator works safely and smoothly, an annual inspection by professionals, preferably from whom you bought the best residential elevators for sale, is crucial. These professionals have an eye for issues and skills to take care of them in little to no time. From performing safety testing to ensuing smooth operation, they keep everything in check during the inspection. Make sure you schedule an inspection once a year for your safety.

Don’t overlook common problems

When you buy the best used residential elevators for sale and use it day in and out to access different floors of the home, certain problems are bound to happen. Some of the common issues are bumps during travel, increased noise due to lack of lubrication, and issues with locking mechanisms. While they are not serious, they should not be overlooked at any cost. Over time, they can snowball into serious problems, which may require expensive repair or you may need to buy the best residential elevators for sale. As soon as you notice such issues, no matter how insignificant, call your elevator supplier immediately.

DIY Troubleshooting

Repairing your elevator system yourself is not recommended since some things should be left to the professionals. For example, tinkering with its control panel or electrical wiring may not only void the manufacturer’s warranty but may also be dangerous if you don’t know about how its components work. However, here are a few things you can troubleshoot while professionals arrive at your home to fix them:

  • Check the circuit breaker in your main electrical panel if your elevator has lost power
  • Make sure all swing doors and cab gates are fully closed
  • Reset the elevator using a disconnect switch, usually located near the main control panel

Final Note

Keeping your residential elevator in good condition for years to come doesn’t have to be hard as long as you know what you need to do.

If you need help with the installation and repair of new or the best used residential elevators for sale, get in touch with us today.

3 Wonderful Benefits of Installing a Stair Lift at Home

Sometimes with age, mobility becomes a little restricted and the older members of our family are unable to move around the home freely. In case, the house has an upstairs, climbing up the staircase becomes an everyday hassle causing discomfort and pain. With stairs becoming a challenge, some start considering limiting themselves to the ground floor itself while others may even give a thought to shifting to a retirement facility. If you just get a stairlift installed in your home all these problems could be taken care of! With a stairlift, your loved ones will be able to navigate freely within the house. This cost-effective solution goes a long way in saving a lot of trouble for the older members of your family. A friendly heads up to anyone looking for the best stairlifts in Denver, Colorado, you have come to the right place.

Installing a stairlift not only helps in enhancing mobility but also comes with a few other benefits, 3 of which are listed here:

  1. With a stairlift in place at your home, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your parents and grandparents each time they climb up the staircase. Stairs are among the most accident-prone areas within a house. Getting injured because of falling down the stairs is a nightmare that is easy to prevent. Install a stairlift and each time you need to access the other floor of the house it’s as simple assitting in a chair and riding to the next floor!
  2. Not being able to access some areas, like the upper floor or basement, of your living space may get annoying after a time. After all, home is the one place where nobody should worry about restricted mobility. At times you may have to leave a family member who requires assistance to move up and down the stairs alone because of work and other commitments. The stairlift comes to the rescue as it provides an easy and safe way to access different floors of the home.
  3. Many people start giving serious thought to moving to an assisted living facility or selling their two story house and buying a single story house. If you just get a stairlift installed you will address the concerns of traversing stairs without breaking the bank. With this cost-effective option, you get to stay put in your home sweet home! If you want to buy stairlifts in Denver then please do get in touch with us.

Here at Independent Living Solutions, we provide the best stairlifts in Denver, Colorado at affordable pricing. If you are looking to buy stairlifts in Denver then visit our website today.

Bringing Your Aged Parent Home? You May Need Our Ramps And Lifts!

Many adults are bringing their old parents home as they want them to be among loved ones amid the coronavirus outbreak. Others too, are concerned about the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and are wantinggetting their parents home as soon as possible.

Since older people are more susceptible to developing severe complications after getting infected, it’s very normal to want your elderly parents near you where you can keep them safe. But, it is also important to acknowledge that your parents, especially if they use a wheelchair, might face issues with accessibility and mobility in your home. You will have to help them navigate the porch stairs if they want to get to the lawn as well as assist them up to the second floor of the house as they might be too weak to navigate across such spaces on their own.

The issue of porch stairs can be easily dealt with by buying used portable wheelchair ramps. The other more pressing problem—getting them to the second floor—can be solved by having all their necessities on the first floor itself, so that they don’t have to climb the stairs. But in many homes, climbing stairs might be unavoidable. In such cases, the installation of avertical platform liftor incline platform lift works wonders.

Installing Accessibility Equipment At Home

Making your home senior-friendly doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Used wheelchair ramps, platform lifts, walk-in bathtubs, and ceiling lift systems that are available at Independent Living Solutions will not only make your elderly parent’s stay at your home more comfortable, but it will also help the caregiver to offer better, more holistic care. It will be easier for you as well as the caregiver to manage the day-to-day workload while caring for your parents.

Moreover, this has a direct impact on your parent’s mental and physical well-being as it helps them to maintain a degree of independence. They are likely to be more proactive since they don’t have to expend too much energy to move around.

The most important benefit that comes with buying recycled lifts and used aluminum wheelchair ramps for sale is that it can help prevent nasty falls and slips. During such difficult times, trips to the ER can prove to be extremely risky. Because of this, taking precautions by installing accessibility equipment should be your priority.

Want to make your home senior-friendly by installing accessibility and mobility solutions? Then get in touch with us for options that can be put in place to prepare your home for your elderly parent today.

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