People dealing with mobility issues often have to face a plethora of accessibility challenges while using the bathroom. The hard surfaces, pointy corners and slippery floors of bathrooms certainly do not paint the picture of a safe environment. Due to the enhanced risks of slipping and getting hurt, people suffering from mobility issues often require additional assistance for everyday chores. In order to eliminate awkwardness and provide a sense of independence to such people, several aids and accessories are available in the market these days. Here are a few things that can prove to be of great help in such cases:-

  • Walk-in tubs

Walk-in tubs are an excellent form of investment. They provide a relaxing and comfortable experience, which is the key reason behind their increasing demand. They come with built-in seats, handrails and other safety features which enhance accessibility and reduce the chances of getting injured. Once you have installed them in your home, you can relish a spa-like experience while sitting comfortably in your home.

  • Grab bars

Installing grab bars of variable lengths inside the bathroom can prove to be extremely advantageous. Users can establish a strong grip on these support systems and carry out their tasks without any inconvenience. These bars can be installed in any corner of the bathrooms as per the requirements of the users. Nowadays, portable floor to ceiling grab bars are also available in the market for providing an enhanced user experience.

  • Anti-slip coatings

Another great way of minimizing the risks of slipping inside bathrooms is by the use of anti-slip coatings. They give a bumpy effect to the floor without ruining its aesthetic appeal. These coatings have proved to be much more efficient than stick-on products in creating slip-resistant floors. They are easy-to-find and you do not have to undergo any troubles for getting these coatings done.

  • LED night lights

Nowadays, LED lights having movement sensors are readily available in the market. Installation of such automatic lights greatly reduces the chances of getting hurt in the dark and makes it easier for people to go to bathroom at night. These lights allow people suffering from mobility issues to become self-reliant and boosts their confidence in a healthy way.

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