It’s horrible seeing yourself or a loved one struggling with stairs at home. And, why would you do if you can fix the problem with an inclined platform wheelchair lift? These lifts can provide the wheelchair user with the desired support without putting their safety at risk, ensuring improved mobility and self-reliance for the user.

Here’s how:

Stairs – no more barriers

With inclines platform lifts (IPLs) by your side, stairs remain no barriers. They are similar to vertical platform lifts except the way they move. While VPLs move in a vertical direction, these lifts travel along the inclination of your staircase while leaving stairs clear. The best part is, IPLs can be installed on both straight as well as curved staircases.

Convenience at its best

While IPLs require significance space for installation, they are truly worth it. They can be installed on the existing staircase (if they are wide enough) without making much space adjustment. In this way, they are suitable for homes with multiple floors, making it as convenient as possible for your elders.

Smoothness and quietness

For people confined to wheelchairs, it is not just basic arrangements that they need to lead a quality life. They need these arrangements to be as convenient as possible. IPLs make a point here as well. They don’t make a lot of noise and their operation is quite smooth, offering the required peace of mind to the wheelchair user without compromising on mobility.


For long-term mobility requirements, these lifts are among the most cost-efficient ways to ensure mobility in a space with stairs. They seem expensive at first but they pay it back in the long run – making it worth every dollar spent. Your purchase options and preferences may differ from one case to the other. While you may prefer buying a new IPL for a long-term disability, you may want to save money by purchasing a used one for a temporary requirement.


With restricted mobility comes the risk of getting injured. IPLs put an end to this by providing the wheelchair user with a safe mode of transportation between the floors, ensuring improved mobility and safety altogether. You can further research on this or discuss it with the support team and make a purchase only after being sure about it.


IPLs provide senior people and the ones with a disability with a platform that supports them in traveling up and down a staircase, promoting mobility and independence. This sense of independence boosts their confidence that is visible in everything they do, from enjoying outdoor activities more to connecting with their surroundings in a better way.

The bottom line

Inclined platform lifts are quite useful for homes with people with a disability. These lifts come with great safety features. You can purchase a new product or go for a used one, whichever best fits your budget.

In case you’re looking for an inclined platform lift, you can reach out to us and get one for your space.

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