For enhanced home accessibility, ramps are essential tools that effectively address mobility challenges. While new equipment often comes with a significant investment, purchasing used handicap ramps presents an opportunity to obtain quality solutions at a more economical price point. This guide outlines critical considerations for prospective buyers, emphasizing the dual importance of cost-effectiveness and product dependability.

The Importance of Ramps for Accessibility

When we think about accessibility, we must consider all the obstacles that might hinder movement. Sometimes, even two or fewer steps leading to a home can be a significant barrier, especially for individuals using wheelchairs or mobility scooters. That’s where ramps come into play. They’re not just about ease of movement but about restoring independence and confidence.

Choosing the Right Type of Used Handicap Ramp

Given the variety of mobility needs, it’s not surprising that there’s a vast range of ramp options available:

Portable Ramps

Ideal for occasional use, these ramps are light and easy to set up wherever needed. Made from lightweight materials, they often come with built-in handles for convenient transportation. Their portability makes them suitable for vacations or visits to places without ramp access.

Modular Ramps

Best suited for more permanent needs, these can be customized to fit specific spaces and configurations. They consist of multiple sections that are assembled together, allowing for flexibility in design and length. Typically made from durable aluminum or steel, modular ramps can withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Perfect for doorways or other small elevation changes, ensuring a smooth transition between spaces. Crafted from recycled rubber, they are not only eco-friendly but also durable. Their major advantage is the ability to easily fit varying threshold heights, ensuring minimal tripping hazards.

Single Fold Ramps

As the name suggests, these ramps can be folded once for easier storage and transport. They provide a broader platform than some other portable ramps, making them more stable. When extended, they offer a reliable incline for mobility devices. Their simplicity is their strength, with minimal moving parts and a robust, slip-resistant surface.

Custom and Permanent Ramps

Tailored to specific needs, these ramps are designed to stay in place for the long haul. These ramps are constructed after assessing the user’s needs, home layout, and other factors and offer maximum accessibility. While they may have a higher initial cost, their durability and customization make them a valuable long-term solution.

When considering a used handicap ramp for sale, always assess the space where you intend to place it and the specific needs it will address. If in doubt, experts like those at Independent Living Solutions, Inc. offer complimentary home evaluations and consultations to ensure you make the best choice.

Key Considerations Before Purchase

Safety First

It’s vital to choose a ramp with a high-traction surface to minimize the risk of accidents. Look for ramps with safety measures integrated into their design.


Even if you’re purchasing a used handicap ramp, it should be in good condition and made of durable materials.

Space and Configuration

Measure the space where the ramp will be installed. Consider the terrain, any necessary turns, and the ramp’s positioning relative to entry points like doors or garages.

Weight Capacity

Ensure the ramp supports the combined weight of the user and their mobility device.

Check for Warranty

Some ramps might still have a valid warranty, which can be a bonus when looking for used handicap ramps for sale.

Discovering the Best Deals on Used Handicap Ramps

So, where can you find these ramps?

Online Platforms

The internet boasts a plethora of platforms specializing in used mobility equipment. Detailed product descriptions and user reviews offer insights into product quality and reliability.

Mobility Equipment Stores

Stores like Independent Living Solutions, Inc. in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, offer new products and have a selection of refurbished ramps. Exploring such establishments can yield quality finds.

Why Choose Independent Living Solutions, Inc.?

While numerous sellers are in the market, Independent Living Solutions, Inc. stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They source their ramps from top manufacturers, guaranteeing product reliability. What’s more, they offer installation services with a one-year warranty.

Choosing the right ramp can be transformative, ensuring mobility, independence, and safety. By opting for a used handicap ramp, you can make an affordable yet practical choice. Whether you’re considering a portable, modular, or custom ramp, research thoroughly and consult experts like Independent Living Solutions, Inc. to make an informed decision.

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