Restricted mobility stops aged people and people dealing with health conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, etc., from living their life independently. They reluctantly have to rely on others to move from one place to another be it indoors or outdoors. This really damages their sense of independence. However, if seniors or people with limited mobility have a mobility scooter with them, they experience a new level of independence and freedom. These power-operated vehicles run on rechargeable batteries and allow people with mobility issues to get around quickly and easily.

Since there are different types of mobility scooters in the market such as three wheel scooters, long-distance scooters, full-size scooters, and four wheel scooters, it essential to have an idea in mind how you see yourself using a mobility scooter. Doing this will make the decision of buying a mobility scooter easier for you. In this blog, we will talk about four wheel mobility scooter and discuss why it is a better option than three wheel mobility scooter. We have listed some points for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them.


The foremost thing that makes four wheel scooters better than three wheel ones is their stability. The problem with the latter is that it can tip when entering and exiting curb cuts, dealing with inclines, or making turns at high speed. You won’t have to worry about these problems with a four wheel mobility scooter. If you want a scooter for a wide range of uses, we will recommend you go for a four wheel scooter. However, if you need a scooter for small spaces and indoors, three-wheel scooters are better as they are amazing when it comes to turning in tighter circles.


If comfort is something that you really want in a scooter, then you’ve got to get a four wheel scooter. It can offer you a comfortable ride on different types of terrain as its four wheels can effectively absorb bumps along the terrain. You also get better leg room with these scooters and in some models, more room to position your feet thereby providing more comfort. Since a mobility scooter is a vehicle that people with mobility issues will be using a lot throughout the day, it is essential that comfort is taken into account before buying this vehicle.


Safety is another aspect that cannot be overlooked when buying a mobility scooter. Since four wheel scooters can offer you better stability, it won’t tip while riding over rough or uneven terrain. Four wheels also ensure that weight is distributed evenly, which also plays a key role in keeping the vehicle stable. In addition to all this, these scooters also have a wheelbase that is broader, wider, and sturdier.

As you can see, four wheel mobility scooters are better in a lot of different aspects. However, this does not mean three wheel scooters or other scooters such as heavy duty scooters, portable scooters are not good. Each scooter is designed to meet the needs of the rider. Therefore, you should do proper research before buying a mobility scooter for yourself or a loved one. At Independent Living Solutions, Inc, you can buy all types of mobility scooters in Denver at an affordable price. Call us at (303) 463-8200 to learn more about our products and services.

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