Climbing up or going down staircases can literally prove to be an uphill task for those using wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Not only is it extremely difficult – rather near impossible – it can also end up being quite dangerous for those with limited mobility. Unfortunately, many mobility-challenged individuals are compelled to stay indoors to avoid the hassle of navigating stairs. In such cases, a vertical platform lift or porch lift can come to their rescue.

What is a Vertical Platform Lift?

A vertical platform lift, also known as porch lift, deck lift, or wheelchair lift, operates like an elevator. It is a residential mobility solution to help transport people with mobility issues. People who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter cannot access normal stairs. Vertical platform lift is a convenient way for them to access all levels of their home or business.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vertical Platform Lifts?

Listed below are a few benefits of getting wheelchair lifts installed.

  • Safe and Reliable

    Porch lifts come equipped with many safety features like a safety under pan, emergency lowering device, battery backup, emergency platform alarm, emergency stop buttons, non-skid platform and solid platform walls, making it a safe, sturdy and convenient alternative to stairs for wheelchair-bound individuals.

  • Resistant to Weather

    Since wheelchair lifts are meant to be installed outside, they are designed to face the harshest weather conditions. All surfaces and controls come with all-weather protection to help them last for years, come rain or shine.

  • Can be Customized

    Wheelchair lifts come with customizable features to address specific mobility needs. They are available in a number of sizes and dimensions, and can accommodate lifting from a few inches to 10 feet or more.

If you are looking for used porch-lift or vertical platform lift, we at Independent Living Solutions, Inc. offer the best-in-class vertical platform lifts in Denver, Colorado, enabling you to reach decks, porches, and other raised areas safely and independently. Each of our lifts comes with cutting-edge features to ensure a smooth and safe ride from one level to another. They are carefully designed and built by top manufacturers.

Feel free to get in touch with us or visit our store in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, for used porch-lifts or vertical platform lifts at affordable costs. We have the latest models of vertical platform wheelchair lifts and other mobility devices to help people with limited mobility get around safely. Browse through our website to explore our wide range of accessibility equipment.

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