Ceiling lifts can make things easier for both patients and caregivers by offering extra support when transferring an individual to or from an indoor location such as the bathroom or bed. Even though handicap ceiling lifts for homes may look complicated, they are easy to learn and operate. This makes them an ideal solution for using at home.

What are the types of ceiling lifts?

Ceiling lifts usually fall into two categories as mentioned below:

Fixed ceiling lifts: These lifts are installed on a track mounted on the ceiling and can be driven by the user to various locations throughout the home.

Portable ceiling lifts: These lifts are most commonly used when a caregiver is required. Portable ceiling lifts can also be freestanding and do not need any modifications to your home.

Before purchasing handicap ceiling lifts for home, it is necessary to understand how you will be using the ceiling lift. If you need it only as a temporary solution or you want to use it in different rooms, a portable ceiling lift may be right for you. Furthermore, a fixed lift would be better for a patient who can use the lift independently.

How to install ceiling lifts in your home?

In the case of fixed ceiling lifts, the technician will examine the structure in your ceiling to determine if it will support the weight of the lift and user. If required, they will open the ceiling to add additional reinforcement to the existing structure. The track is then attached to the ceiling, with most of the hardware above the ceiling, typically in an attic. Then, the lift will be attached to the track and will be tested by the technician. After the installation process, the technician will explain how to operate your new lift.

Portable lifts can be assembled in any room you want. The technician will attach the track to the mount and the lift to the track. After testing the lift, the technician will explain to you how to use it.

Handicap ceiling lifts for a home for safe patient transfers

Ceiling lifts or motorized ceiling tracks for disabled are an excellent solution for both patients and caregivers as they help reduce the likelihood of transfer-related injuries. Whether you are a caregiver or a family member caring for a loved one, a ceiling lift can be a great choice for your loved one and offer great confidence and comfort. These lifts can offer the added stability that your handicapped loved ones need to continue living independently. By taking charge of their transfer, they can safely reach the bathroom, use the shower or move anywhere without anyone’s help.

At independent living solutions, our lifts are built to the highest quality standards and come with the manufacturer’s warranty. Get in touch with us to request a quote today and find the right lift for your unique needs.

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