As your parents age, they need your love and care. Most of the time, they may not show that they need your assistance, but they do.

When it comes to caring for aging parents, every situation may be unique, but some things will apply to all households, for example, making sure they never lack companionship or lift chair recliners for the elderly to take care of their mobility issues.

Let’s look at some ways in which you can assist your aging parents and make their lives healthier and happier:

1. Notice to seek out potential problems that may be causing difficulties

Each time you visit your parents’ home, take a thorough look at their living space. When you scrutinize their living surroundings, you will get to know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

Notice everything, from the handrails and stairs to the lighting and flooring. Check if the everyday use items are easily accessible to them and if they have a list of emergency contacts next to the phone.

2. If you cannot visit every day, call them regularly

The most important thing an elderly parent wants from their grown-up children is their time. They need your companionship, care, and concern. It is okay if you cannot meet them every day, but do call to check on them. Ask them about their day and tell them you are there if they need anything.

3. Don’t be bossy when helping them downsize

When helping them downsize, avoid telling them what they should discard or keep.

Do not toss anything without taking their permission. The things that you consider useless may have emotional value for your parents.

4. Ensure their living space is safe from potential health risks

Fall accidents are a common health concern for the elderly. These accidents most commonly occur on stairs. Installation of a stair chair lift can prevent a hazardous fall down the stairs.

Do they need a walk-in bathtub or barrier-free shower? A lift chair recliner for the elderly? Maybe a stairlift or a vertical platform lift? If your elderly parents face mobility issues, our accessibility products will alleviate their quality of life.

5. Know about their health issues

If your parent has a medical condition, you should know the details. You should help them figure out the best treatment options available and accompany them to appointments.

If they have to take any prescribed medications, ensure they do not forget.

6. Let it be a joint effort

If you are solely responsible for taking care of your aging parent’s well-being, you may experience caregiver burnout.

Do not shy away from asking for help from other family members. You may also consider professional home care agencies.

Choose Independent Living Solutions, Inc. for accessibility equipment.

If your parents have started facing mobility issues with old age, we are at your service. We offer affordable solutions to mobility challenges. Want to buy small lift chairs for seniors online? Get in touch with us.

We will also do a free home assessment to see how your parents’ home can be made mobility-friendly.

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