Your first impression after looking at a power lift recliner chair maybe, “Hey, that is just like a La-Z-Boy,” BUT lift recliner chairs offer an abundance of benefits to the elderly or anyone with limited mobility. Whether it is avoiding accidents and injuries, alleviating aches and pains, or helping seniors lead an independent life, lift chairs are the whole package.

Are you still pondering whether to spend all those dollars on a brand-new power lift chair? You can save money without compromising on product quality and performance with our used power lift recliner chairs for sale.

Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of power lift chairs that make them much-needed mobility equipment:

Enhanced Safety

Did you know that the force exerted while standing or sitting can strain joints and bones? The elderly are at a greater risk as their bones are already fragile. By using a power lift recliner chair, they can eliminate the risk of excessive straining their joints and bones.

The chair does the work for them by raising the chair into a near standing position, thereby decreasing the strain on the joints when sitting and standing.

It also minimizes fall risks for people with limited mobility or balance issues that make sitting or standing risky.

Improved Health

When you sit in a power lift recliner chair, a great deal of pressure is relieved from your hips and spine. Your legs are also elevated when in the reclined position, which reduces inflammation and swelling.

If your elderly loved one has arthritis, reclining in the lift chair will allow their joints to decompress while reducing pain and swelling. Our used power lift recliner chairs for sale also come with advanced features like heat and massage options to help alleviate chronic back pain and muscle discomfort

Increased Independence

Power lift chairs give your loved ones with mobility limitations an increased sense of independence, along with improved safety.

It aids them in sitting and standing without needing assistance from someone. The chair’s handset allows the users to change positions. So, they just need to push a button on the remote control to raise the chair to a comfortable position if they want to sit. The chair will also gently raise them to a standing position. It can even be reclined to a comfortable sleeping position when the elderly need to rest.

Relief to Caregivers

If you have not yet invested in a power lift recliner chair, you must ensure a family member or a nursing attendant is always by the side of your elderly loved one to assist them when they need to sit down or stand up.

The lift chair will provide relief to the caregivers as they will not have to actively assist the elderly to change positions or transfer them to the bed from the chair each time they need a nap.

The Bottom Line

You will find variety in terms of sizes and designs. So, finding the perfect chair for your loved one, no matter their weight and height, will not be an issue.

If you have a question about our used electric lift recliner chairs for sale, get in touch with us today. We will assist you in purchasing the most suitable lift chairs for your elderly family member.

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