Every day more and more Americans are opting to install home elevators for improved mobility and ease of access for those family members who find it difficult to move around easily across certain areas of a house like stairs, upper terrace, and other areas. Getting up and down the stairs doesn’t get any easier as we age. Therefore, the installation of home elevators for seniors is definitely the best decision you will ever make. However, it can be confusing to select between a hoistway or through floor home elevators.

Choosing the right elevator for your home

Investing in home elevators for sale is one of the most effective ways to ensure the independence of movement and prevent any accidental falls or tripping. However, the process may vary for each home due to the design and preferences of a homeowner. Here are a few factors to consider that can determine the installation process for your home elevator:

  • Age of your home

  • Style and design

  • Functionality of space

  • Presence of stack closets (means that closets are directly stacked on top of each other on each floor of the home).

Based on these factors, there are two major classifications of home elevator systems.


This is the most common choice and what people envision when they hear the word, “home elevator”. Hoistway refers to the shaft that allows the elevator cab to access each floor of the house. Following are the features of a hoistway elevator system:

  • It includes roped hydraulic, winding drum, counterbalance weight, and vacuum-operated.

  • It can make multiple stops with a high weight capacity.

  • It is more expensive than its alternative (without a hoistway) option due to the extra electrical, construction, and mechanical expenses.

Through Floor (Without Hoistway)

This option is perfect for those with a smaller budget or less space. This elevator option provides up to 5 stops. Following are the feature and benefits of a through floor option:

  • It requires minimal renovation with a reasonable installation cost.

  • It usually makes use of sensors to detect objects above and below the elevator cab which further reduces the installation time. It requires no hoistway installation.

  • It has a substantially lower weight capacity.

  • It offers customization and an overall finished look which adds to the aesthetic value of a space.

  • It also occupies less floor space.

Home elevators add value to your space while making navigation easier for the elderly and those with limited mobility. Regardless of your concern and reason for purchase, our experts can help you to make the best choice for yourself. For some professional assistance, feel free to dial (303)-463-8200.

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