The healing effects of water are accepted by the medical community for a considerable length of time. In ancient times, people used the relieving powers of natural hot springs. These days, we all long for a hot, scented bubble bath which relieves those niggling aches and pains. This is where hydrotherapy comes into the picture. It essentially implies the usage of water in a remedial manner and incorporates the use of both hot and cold water. When you submerge yourself in hot water, you get various medical advantages: your body temperature increases and you sweat. The skin’s pores open, blood vessels dilute, and blood is diverted to the skin, which gives the flushed, rosy-faced look. This perspiration procedure energizes the body’s toxic wastes to be wiped out through the open pores.

Physical Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy uses water massage by means of water jets directed onto your body. This kind of massage improves blood circulation and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues. The lymphatic system is also activated, boosting immune system. Meanwhile, massage on cellulite prone regions helps break down the fatty deposits.

Psychological Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

In a hydrotherapy treatment, another medical advantage is in the release of endorphins — the body’s common hormones which give us a feeling of well-being. Not just that, there are even psychological advantages to this incredible therapy, including stress relief and a spring clean of the mind which causes you to sleep well.

Hydrotherapy is regularly used by physiotherapists for patients with mobility issues and in rehabilitation. At the point when the patient sits in a hydrotherapy bath, the water buoyancy reduces pressure on the joints, which is of immeasurable benefit when the user begins his physiotherapy exercises. The hot water helps ease stiff joints and loosens up sore muscles. Exercising helps develop strength, which is important in injury recovery. Hydrotherapy is a proven treatment to decrease the pain associated with arthritis, through the removal of the toxins causing the joint inflammation and pain.

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