When mobility gets limited, either because of age-related health deterioration or a chronic injury or a disability, quality of life takes a huge hit. The freedom of moving around that a person should enjoy at home or elsewhere for that matter is no longer there. Besides, getting around becomes a real struggle. You may need assistance to move from one place to another, which can affect your independence. These mobility challenges, therefore, demand immediate solutions.

Over the years, engineers have managed to help people with limited mobility regain their independence and freedom by innovating accessibility equipment. Now, people with mobility problems can move around safely and comfortably within their homes, as well as the outdoors.

One of the most popular pieces of in-home accessibility equipment is a wheelchair lift, or otherwise known as a platform lift. It helps people confined to a wheelchair or mobility scooter or those who struggle to climb steps access raised platforms, such as decks, entryways, porch, and others effortlessly and safely. Whether you install a reconditioned wheelchair lift or a brand new one, you can rest assured that you can reach the desired height independently and safely with the help of this equipment.

Today, a wheelchair lift can be found in most homes in America, especially in senior residences. However, despite its popularity as a mobility solution, many people are unaware of the different types of wheelchair lifts available.

To help you know your options when buying a platform lift, here are the different wheelchair lifts available on the market:

Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts

The inclined platform wheelchair lifts are designed and built to be used both indoors and outdoors. You can find these types of lifts in residences, schools, churches, hospitals, and public buildings. For those who struggle with climbing stairs, they are an ideal and cost-effective solution.

Vertical Platform Wheelchair lifts

The vertical wheelchair lifts are the most sought-after mobility solution for wheelchair-bound people, enabling them to access raised platforms, decks, porch, and elevated entryways comfortably and safely. They can be customized to fit any commercial building and home.

Portable Vertical Wheelchair lifts

The portable wheelchair lifts are the advanced model of vertical platform lifts. As the name suggests, they are specially designed to be portable to offer easy functionality in homes, school stages, vertical raised platforms, outdoor bleachers, and other applications.

Looking for a wheelchair lift for your loved one? Let Independent Living Solutions, Inc. help you. We have a complete line of in-home mobility equipment, including but not limited to second-hand wheelchair lift for sale, residential elevators, ramps, and many others. Feel free to contact us today with your mobility requirements, and we will help you in the best way possible.

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