Regain Freedom Over Mobility & Live independently with An Efficient Mobility Scooter in Denver.

Immobility can be heartbreaking. It reminds you repetitively about the lack of movement in your life. A wheelchair is a boon; you still can’t get enough from it since it is hand-operated.

Therefore, you need faster mobility equipment that tends to your daily needs for visits to nearby stores or meeting a relative.

A mobility scooter may be the right answer to your questions!

A mobility scooter in Denver is a power-operated vehicle that allows you to move and travel to nearby areas without relying on anyone. Therefore, it decreases your dependency on others for daily grocery or social interaction in the neighborhood.

A mobility scooter in Denver assists your traveling by saving time since it is faster than a manual wheelchair. Since it has many features such as long-lasting batteries, adjustable seats, LED battery indicator, front storage basket, and speed control dial.

All these features make a mobility scooter in Denver a perfect traveling partner for people with mobility issues. With a mobility scooter, you eliminate the need to request people to take you to nearby stores and relatives. Now, sit comfortably on your mobility scooter in Denver and drive yourself wherever you want, independently.

A mobility scooter is unbiased whether your immobility issues are congenital, age-related, or accidental. Not only can people with special needs use it, but older adults with feeble muscular control can take great advantage of it because its structure is designed to provide maximum comfort while traveling.

Furthermore, a mobility scooter in Denver comes in many versions, such as heavy-duty, portable, multiple-wheeled, and full-size, to address the rider’s specific needs. So, now you can select what comforts you the best and bothers you the least.

Worry not if you are wondering how to get a mobility scooter in Denver in Co. Some reliable names deal in high-quality, powered, and efficient mobility scooters that provide online services for product purchase right from the comfort of your home. Considering your immobility difficulties, purchasing a mobility scooter in Denver is a convenient option.

With an efficient mobility scooter in Denver, you are relieved of all the traveling issues and dependency on others.

Ride wherever you want, whenever you need!

Independent Living Solutions & Mobility Scooter in Denver

We are experts in providing mobility solutions to people with special needs. Our products range from stair lifts, vertical lifts, wheelchairs, elevators, ramps, and other mobility solutions that transform the lives of people with special needs.

You can rely on our state-of-the-art solutions if you wish to make your house well-equipped with mobility solutions. If you have a loved one with specialized needs, our mobility-enhancing products can assure the utmost safety and independency to your relatives.

Contact us today to gift yourself or your loved one the best present you ever imagined.

The Guide to Used Recliner Lift Chairs for Seniors

As your loved one gets older, the power recliner lift chairs for seniors available online can be a lifesaver. Still, as with any aid or device, safety should always come first when deciding whether or not to have one in the house. Used recliner lift chairs offer the convenience of motorized mobility aid and a recliner’s comfort, making them an excellent option for older people who still want to maintain independence. These chairs facilitate transfers for people who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position due to the following:

  • Balance problems
  • Arthritis
  • Stiffness and discomfort in their hips, knees, and legs
  • Back stiffness and pain
  • Muscle tremor
  • Low energy and breathing difficulty
  • Neurological conditions that restrict motion
  • Postoperative recuperation

These recliner lift chairs for seniors available online is very useful for people who need to lift their legs due to poor circulation because they also recline. Here’s how to use them:

Using a Lift Chair in Your Home

Most recliner lift chairs used today have a wall plug but also a backup power source that kicks in when the power goes out. Many people with mobility issues rely on their lift chair to stand because they cannot do so alone. They are never without this priceless resource, thanks to the battery backup.

Depending on the model of the used recliner lift chair and its alternatives, this remote control regularly has only two buttons. Lift chairs use it to lift the seat and operate the leg and backrest. Typically, one button lowers the chair’s base, and another lowers the backrest and raises the footrest after the chair has been lowered. The up button will elevate the back and leg rests when you’re prepared to stand. The chair’s base will rise once they are both shut.

As a safety measure, the recliner lift chairs for seniors available online cannot be raised without the backrest being raised and the footrest being closed first. This tends to make it extremely simple to function with just one hand. Lift chairs can be an excellent way to guarantee that you or someone you care about never needs help standing up.

Maintaining a Power Lift Chair

Keep in mind that lift chairs have a motor-driven lifting system in the base, and a power recliner lift chair (used) has an electronic control system for the backrest and footrest. They require particular care. Here’s how:

  • Dust accumulation is terrible, so the motor, hand control, and cord should be vacuumed or cleaned with a wet cloth every month.
  • For simple access to the motor, position your chair upright. Call your seller or the chair manufacturer immediately if you see any fraying on your hand control cord. Uncovered wires could cause a chair to malfunction or worse.
  • Use a three-prong plug to connect your lift chair to an authorized, electrically grounded outlet.
  • To reduce safety and performance issues, plug your lift chair directly into the outlet rather than an extension cord.

The Bottom Line

Power recliner lift chairs for seniors available online at Independent Living Solutions are the perfect solution for anyone with mobility problems who finds it difficult to get in and out of a chair.

Benefits Of Finding A Used Lift Chair For Sale

There is a lot of hype about new lifts. However, many people believe in the old saying, “use it up, wear it out and then buy new.” Based on this old saying, many people look up “used lift chair for sale near me.” So before you make this critical decision, here are some reasons why you should consider buying one:

Save Money

If you’re the one searching “find used lift chair for sale near me” online, the first thing to consider is how much it will cost. With new chairs, there are two main costs associated with buying one: the initial purchase price and maintenance costs. The former is determined by how much your insurance policy covers and whether or not there are any other expenses involved (like taxes).

Suppose you’re considering buying refurbished lift chairs instead of brand-new ones. In that case, they are less expensive than new equipment and are an economical option if on a budget.

Another option would be buying secondhand lifts at yard sales or online auctions; these can often work out even cheaper than getting them new. However, the condition of these units might be questionable or unknown.

Reusing equipment means you contribute to the welfare of the environment

You can use it before you get new lift chairs or even after they break down! Many people who search for a used lift chair for sale near me should know that this is a great way to help out your community by recycling used items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

In addition to giving back to your local community and helping them with their waste disposal problems, there are many other benefits of reusing equipment!

You can use it before you get new lift chairs

You can use your lift chair before you buy new ones. A used lift chair will allow you to test it out and ensure it’s comfortable and works well, even if they need repairs or maintenance. This is especially important if this is the first time using a particular device, such as an armchair or recliner.

Because these devices are so expensive, it is always worth checking them out beforehand so that when you get one in working order, once its purchase has been finalized, everything will be perfect immediately!

Try it for pain management

It’s essential to try a lift chair before you buy it. You can get a trial period of at least 30 days, allowing you to try out the product and see if it works for your needs. If the lift chair doesn’t work well, this could indicate that it may not be the right choice for you, so keep looking around until something better comes along!

If possible, consider getting one with back pain relief features such as massage or heat therapy options built into its design, as well as footrests—these will help keep any aches away from your lower back area when sitting down in one place for too long at once (like during office hours).

Generally, they are as good as new if you buy from a reputed dealer

Generally, lift chairs are refurbished and tested before being sold. They will be as good as new if you buy from a reputable dealer. You can ask for a warranty on the lift chair, and if it’s not too big of an issue, you can also ask about delivery and installation options.


Used lift chairs for sale can be a great way to save money and reduce waste. They are also generally safe and durable, which makes them ideal for rehabilitation. Buying your chair from a reputable dealer will be just as good or better than new! Also, we hope that this concludes your search for a used lift chair for sale near me.

4 Ways to Make a Home Disability Friendly

A reduced range of motion is one of our main problems as we age. It’s also tricky for those who have a disability that limits mobility. Even in places familiar to us, like our homes, disabilities might alter how we function in day-to-day life.

When new infirmities affect our life, the home can quickly become a problematic place full of obstacles. It may be difficult to adjust when objects like stairs, bathrooms, and doorknobs suddenly become a liability.

Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain normalcy in your home life. Modernizing your home can promote security, comfort, and independent living.

Here are four ways to make a house handicap accessible for you or your loved ones:

Install Stair Lifts

Consider installing a stair lift if you or a loved one find climbing stairs challenging. Stair lifts come in many designs and can be used as a portable stair climber or installed permanently as a home improvement.

Multi-level homes, even those with front yard stairs, can become accessible homes for people with restricted mobility thanks to stair lifts. Installing them lets you level out your house and make an area safe and easy to access. Independent Living’s used curved stairlifts are the perfect addition to a winding flight of stairs.

Fix Ramps

For people using walkers, wheelchairs, power chairs, and other mobility aids, even the slightest elevation is hard to conquer. To ease pressure on their limbs, a simple ramp to convey them safely on small elevations is an excellent alternative.

There are many different ramp designs available to suit any requirements. For example, foldable ramps are simple to store, portable ramps allow you to quickly turn any step into a wheelchair-accessible entryway while on the go, and threshold ramps instantly make an entryway accessible.

Add an Elevator

For larger spaces and faster access to floors, elevators can be an excellent choice for people with limited mobility. They can be secure, trustworthy, and look classy too. Either add them during construction or incorporate them into current structures.

Even though you might believe that installing an elevator is prohibitively expensive, adding an elevator increases the value of your house—often significantly more than the installation cost. What’s more, your investment will open access to your house to everyone.

Retrofit Bathroom with Handicap Friendly Features

The bathroom can be complex for many people. For people prone to falls, bath areas and countertops are not forgiving surfaces. The slippery tiles can be dangerous when wet and soapy.

The tub can be challenging because it has a problematic physical barrier to access due to its tall sides. Fortunately, step-in tubs remove that obstruction, enabling people to enter the tub directly without straddling the side. Consider adding a slip-resistant surface to the inside of your tub and making it easier to enter.

The alternatives for making your home handicap accessible for people with impairments can seem overwhelming. But, with Independent Living, our experts are always available to advise you on the best home accessibility options for you and your loved ones. We are committed to assisting you in identifying the best solutions for your requirements. For those on a tight budget, we even have high-quality used products, like curved stairlifts, available at an affordable price.

Why You Should Invest in Electric Chair Lifts For Stairs

As we get older, we all need to make changes in our lives, whether it’s due to decreased mobility or growing health problems that require day-to-day solutions. In many cases, this entails making minor changes to our daily lives, such as what we eat or how much we exercise, but as time passes, it may also necessitate making difficult decisions about where we live.

The ability to keep up or find ways to support a reasonable level of mobility as the years go by is important for elderly home owners. As we age, those stairs become a challenge, something we can manage at first but eventually become more of a problem than we would like to admit. Stair lifts can help many people with disabilities regain their independence and sense of control, and there are several other advantages to having dependable electric chair lifts for stairs installed.

The following reasons explain why installing a stair lift in your home may be one of the best investments you can make.

Manage Mobility Issues

The first function of a stair lift is to assist people with limited mobility in ascending and descending the stairs. When a disability becomes permanent, many seniors and other adults believe that living in a two-story house is no longer feasible. To avoid this, some people downsize to a smaller, one-story home, while others opt for assisted living or other senior care arrangements.

Adults who are unable to climb stairs can, however, remain in their home with the installation of a dependable stair lift, allowing them to remain where they are most comfortable. A stair lift helps manage up and down trips without the need to be carried or have another person make the trip for them, stair lifts even reduce the need for many people with disabilities to require caregiver assistance.

Retain The Ownership of Your Home

When the numbers are crunched, a stair lift is the most cost-effective option for your family. When you consider the mounting costs of hiring a caregiver or placing your elderly loved one in a retirement home, the cost of a stair lift is incredibly low.

The majority of families do not have the resources to install an elevator or for complete room renovations. Furthermore, they are unable to hire a specialist to assist the member with limited mobility. As a result, this mechanism becomes the most affordable option because, while an initial investment is required, the device’s durability will end up being an exceedingly favorable investment.

A Minor Renovation

Unlike expanding doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, or installing ramps, or even reconstructing parts of the house on the lower floor for making it easier for your loved ones to navigate, a stair lift is a comparatively minor renovation. There are affordable options available as well, like used chair lifts. This installation can be removed without any lasting damage to your property.

Installing something like a stairlift to solve mobility issues can give the homeowner more confidence that they will be able to stay in their home for a long time. To buy electric chair lifts for stairs, please visit our website.

Wooden Versus Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp system is a great solution to increase the accessibility of your house or place of business for wheelchairs or scooters. There are a number of things to think about when assessing your home for wheelchair access through a ramp, such as the installation site and material choice. Ramp systems can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular ones are aluminium or wood. Here are some things to consider when making a decision between a wood ramp and an aluminium one.

Aluminium Ramps

A metal ramp is dismissed by some homeowners because they believe it would look too industrial and clash with the design of their house. Aluminium ramps, however, have a number of qualities that make them a favorable option. You can now get powder-coated ramps that better complement the appearance of your house or place of work.

Factors to be considered when choosing aluminium ramps:

  • Ramps made of aluminium are quick and simple to install. An aluminium ramp may be erected in a day and normally costs $50 per square foot.

  • Aluminium ramps are incredibly sturdy and durable and don’t require much maintenance. Plus, aluminium ramps are easy to remove, and they can then be moved or sold.

  • Aluminium ramps are frequently available for rental if your requirements are temporary. They also don’t require permits to install.

  • Since aluminium ramps are normally deemed temporary, permits are typically not needed. They are therefore put in place over already-existing porches, steps, walkways, and yards.

  • They feature built-in feet that rest on the ground. To further distribute the stress on soft surfaces, concrete patio blocks or bricks are placed beneath the pads.

  • They also provide outstanding water and snow shedding. Metal ramps, especially aluminium, can withstand the usage of some forms of snowmelt and are less prone to ice formation.

  • Aluminium often costs more than steel, making metal ramps more expensive than wood. However, you can get used aluminium wheelchair ramps for sale, making them an affordable option.

Wood Ramps

Some homeowners believe that a wooden wheelchair ramp is the best option since they believe it to be less expensive and more attractive than a metal ramp. Undoubtedly, a properly constructed and maintained wooden ramp may be both attractive and useful.

However, property owners need to consider the following:

  • Building wooden ramps takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. A wooden ramp can frequently take up to a week to construct, adding to the hefty labor costs.

  • A wooden ramp must be maintained similarly to a wooden deck to keep users safe and keep its beautiful looks. A wooden ramp is more likely to splinter, crack, warp, and fade without it.

  • Wooden ramps can become slippery in rainy weather, so safety measures like non-slip treads should be taken into account.

  • A wooden ramp cannot be moved and must be removed, which takes a lot of time and labor and often costs money.

  • Wood ramps, which are typically regarded as permanent structures, might need survey plats, building permits, and concrete piers positioned below the frost line.

  • Wood ramps will decay and need regular repair, even when made of pressure-treated lumber. Ramps in full sunlight suffer from this in particular. Another problem with wood ramps in humid and shaded places is the growth of mold and algae, which is ugly and slick. On these ramps, snow and ice buildup can occur.

Considering the benefits of aluminium over wood ramps, if you decide to buy used aluminium wheelchair ramps for sale, visit our website.

Features to Check Before Buying a Curved Stair Lift Online

Many people with disabilities need to rely on their family members or caretakers for essential help. Going to the bathroom & getting out of bed can be challenging to manage independently. Whereas visiting the top floors or up the stairs is a different story. But with modern times, modern solutions have been discovered. Buying a curved stair lift for sale is one of them.

No matter the shape of the stairs, a curved stair lift allows people to reach the top floors easily. Thus, you won’t have to rely on others to take you around the home. Now, no need to avoid setting foot on the top floors due to your disability. A curved stair lift will make it possible for you.

  • Park Stations

    If the walls at your home are curved, you would need this feature in the curved stair lift. A 90 or 180-degree park station would make it easier to stop and start your journey from stair landings.

  • Safety Measures

    If the curved stair lift is not sturdy enough, it can result in a huge hazard. Features like safety sensors, seat belts, power footrests, etc., are critical. In case of any obstructions in the stair lift path, the sensor will stop the ascend. At the same time, a seat belt and power footrest would keep the stance of the person sitting steady. The curved stair lift for sale also comes with a power seat swivel, so the lift can be maneuvered easily.

  • Custom Made

    There are few curved stair lifts for sale available in the market for those accustomed to curved stairs. The ones from Independent Living Solutions are designed according to the customer’s house layouts. This allows the lifts to be well-acquainted with the stair’s design, making the ride up and down smooth. Through their design, customers won’t need any assistance from others to navigate their way through the house. Customizing the curved stair lift also makes it much safer and more comfortable.

  • Added Batteries

    In case of a power outage in your area, nobody wishes to get stuck in the middle of their stair ride. Thus, make sure to buy a curved stair lift for sale with internal batteries. In case of no power, charge it through the batteries delivering you to safety in one of the landings. This is a handy feature that can save your life, along with helping you save precious time.

  • Lots Of Space

    It is one of the most significant issues a family has to live with. The stair lifts give less space for other family members to roam the house easily. Many families have pets who can also find it difficult with the equipment. But buying the curved stair lift for sale online solves this issue perfectly. As these stair lifts are attached closely to the stair’s railing, there is enough space for others.

How to Operate a Handicap Chair Lift for Stairs?

Seniors with limited mobility can move between floors of their homes safely and affordably with the help of a stair lift. If you want a handicap chair lift for stairs fitted in your home, you might be interested in learning how it operates because using it isn’t as simple as you initially thought. There is no need to worry, though. We’ve created a straightforward guide to help you learn how to operate them safely and efficiently after you buy a handicap chair lift for stairs. But first, how to get into the chair?

How to safely get on a handicap chair lift for stairs?

While boarding a handicap chair lift for stairs is similar to boarding any other chair, there are a few things you should watch out for at the bottom and top landings to ensure your safety.

When landing on the bottom of the stairs

Ensure the seat is locked and the armrests are folded down. When you’re prepared to sit down, make sure your knees are touching the front of the seat and that your hands can reach the armrests. Fold the footrest manually with your foot or hand while seated. Using a power folding footrest is advised if the user’s limited mobility prevents them from manually folding the footrest down.

Landing at the top of the stairs

It would be best if you folded down the seat, footrest, and armrests. You can securely sit on the chair by pushing the seat lever to swivel it 90 degrees away from the stairway and lock it into the spot. For a secure descent, buckle up your seatbelt and then reposition the seat.

How to operate a handicap chair lift for stairs

  1. Take a seat on the stairlift. Never be embarrassed to ask for assistance if you need it.

  2. Securely fasten the seatbelt on your stair lift. If you lose your balance or the stairlift runs into a barrier, this will keep you safe.

  3. Get the stairlift ready for the journey. The chair can be locked and turned to face the opposite side of the staircase. Put your feet on the footrest by flipping it downward. Flip down the armrests as well.

  4. Turn on the stairlift. Usually, one of the armrests will have a rocker switch. The stair lift goes one way when the button is flipped on one side; in the opposite direction when the switch is flipped the other way.

  5. When you get to the top of the stairs, wait. A handicap chair lift for stairs has an emergency cutoff switch, which will cause it to stop and take you to the opposite end of the stairs if it encounters any obstacles.

  6. To exit the stair lift, turn the stair lift away from the stairs, unbuckle your seatbelt, and raise the footrest and both armrests.

  7. After that, get off the stairlift and continue with your day.

Now, you can easily buy a handicap chair lift for stairs and use it efficiently without any problems!

Age Independently At Home With These Accessibility & Medical Products

Have you stopped climbing stairs without someone’s assistance, fearing you might trip or fall? Perhaps you no longer enjoy moving around the house because of dizziness and loss of balance. If so, it is time to make some changes in your living space and age in place safely and independently. We have accessibility/medical equipment and products you must invest in to decrease the chances of tripping, falling, and injuring yourself and make your place safe enough to move about.

Light up the stairs

Most fall accidents happen on stairs due to poor visibility. Since our vision can get worse as we age, installing stairwell lights is advisable to prevent accidents due to shadows and dark spots and improve safety, particularly at night.

Install a stair lift

Walking up and down stairs is not recommended for aging people because the activity puts pressure on their joints. However, it doesn’t mean they are not allowed to access multiple stories of their house. Investing in a stair lift is wise to avoid climbing stairs and access different levels of the home without effort.

Use a walking aid

Walking aids, like canes and walkers, are easy-to-use mobility products for elderly and physically impaired people. With these accessibility or mobility products, they can comfortably move around without fearing falling or asking someone to give them a helping hand while walking.

Use a wheelchair or mobility scooter

Investing in a new or pre-owned wheelchair is an excellent decision for someone who has recently met with an accident and cannot walk without assistance. Depending on your health condition or injury, you can choose from a wide selection of wheelchairs, from manual wheelchairs to power wheelchairs.

Mobility scooters, on the other hand, are like wheelchairs but are considered vehicles. They are designed for people with decreased mobility due to age or illness. Most elderly prefer mobility scooters over manual wheelchairs to run errands, go shopping, get to their appointments, or meet up with friends without hassles.

Install ramps

Installing ramps is necessary if your property has stairs—at the front door or between rooms— and you use a walker, wheelchair, or mobility scooter, to move around your home. Many people with limited mobility install permanent ramps; others prefer collapsible and portable ramps to transform stairs into a ramp quickly.

Add grab bars and handrails

Adding grab bars and handrails in crucial locations, such as toilets and showers, provides stability and maintains the privacy of aging people with mobility issues. The elderly who always fear tripping due to loss of balance can also consider installing grab bars for improved stability at strategic points in bedrooms, hallways, and other areas they access daily.

Install automatic dorm openers

Switching to automatic doors from standard doors or replacing doorknobs with press lever handles is advisable to improve accessibility in your living space. With these products, you don’t have to put strain to reach out for doorknobs, maintain a grip, or apply effort to open the door, which may cause fatigue or injury.

Add a walk-in bathtub

Aging adults with mobility difficulties can gain a sense of independence and reduce the risk of falling by installing a walk-in bathtub in their bathroom. It’s also an incredible decision to upgrade the shower by adding slip-resistant tiles and additional lights for safety in the shower.

A few changes in the house allow you to age in place independently and give your loved one peace of mind. At Independent Living Solutions, you will find the best accessibility/medical equipment at affordable prices. If you are interested in modifying your living space, call us at 303-463-8200 today.

4 Tips For Installing A Residential Elevator In Your Home

Residential elevators are an excellent way to enhance movements, especially for people with mobility issues. They can use the elevator to access different levels in the house to meet their needs. You can also use the elevator to transport equipment and supplies, including the weekend grocery, luggage, and more. Look for the best residential elevators in Denver and install one in your home or building. It is also advisable to keep a few things in mind when installing a residential elevator, and we will discuss them in the following. Continue reading:

Choose the perfect location to install the elevator.

When installing an elevator inside your home, you will undoubtedly worry about the design of your home. You might not want to ruin the beautiful structure, encouraging you to place an elevator in an inconvenient area. But note that this is about eliminating mobility issues, improving movements, and enhancing independence. It is advisable to look for the perfect spot to install an elevator. Determine where you want to reach through the elevator- whether you wish to go to a specific room or the garage or go outside- and install the elevator accordingly.

Consider the type of elevator you want to install.

Most residential elevators are available in two types- one that requires a hoistway and the other that does not. Consider what kind of elevator you want to install and choose wisely, so it will help serve the purpose. If you’re indecisive about what to choose between the two, pay attention to the following.

An elevator that needs a hoistway: This type of elevator appears as if it is a closet, except that there is an elevator when you open the door. It occupies about 5 x 5 feet of space. The hoistway needs to be load-bearing to hold the weight of the elevator and its occupants or contents.

An elevator without a hoistway: This is one of the most cost-effective elevator solutions and does not require a hoistway. But it needs load-bearing walls and can access a maximum of 2 levels. Unlike the elevator with a hoistway that conceals the elevator cab, this type of elevator is exposed on the level where it was parked.

Look for residential elevators in Denver and discuss your needs with them to help you install the best elevator for your needs.

Prepare your home.

It is advisable to prepare your home before installing the residential elevator. Clear the area where the elevator will be installed. Remove any furniture pieces, structure, or anything to make space for the elevator. Consider organizing your room before the installation process to avoid the chaos that could arise.

Hire the best contractor.

Last but not least, look for the best contractor when installing an elevator to obtain the desired result. Consider looking for someone with experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure safety and a better result.

Elevators are a great way to improve movements and enhance independence. Consider these few tips for installing a residential elevator in your home.

Also, check our website if you’re looking for the best residential elevators to install in your home.

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