There is no doubt about the fact that residential elevators are a great addition to any home. If your house has multiple floors, a residential elevator will make it easier for you to move between different floors. What’s more, if you have a senior or disabled family member, he/she will benefit greatly from using an elevator at home. They can just move their wheelchair or scooter onto the elevator’s platform and reach the desired floor. As much as these elevators are useful, it is essential to know that they can be dangerous as well if not used correctly. Seniors and kids can hurt themselves if they do not follow the safety tips of using these elevators. In this blog, we will tell you some essential safety tips that you can use to avoid accident and injury while using a home elevator. Let’s get started.

Work With A Known Elevator Contractor

You should start focusing on the safety aspect even before the elevator is installed in your home. It is true that residential elevator installation can be a bit costly, but it is recommended that you only invest in a top-quality elevator and get it installed from a contractor with years of experience in elevator installation.

Get Elevator Repairs Done As Soon As Possible

A perfectly working elevator does not make any strange, loud noises. So, if you can hear noises such as squeaking or squealing from the elevator, we will strongly advise you to not use it and get in touch with repair specialists right away. Generally, you hear such noises when there is something wrong with cables and pulleys. You should also call the technician when the elevator is not aligned with the floor when it stops. The elevator should always stop correctly. To ensure that, a technician might work on the cables or brakes. Never ignore strange signs from your residential elevator. Also, make sure you fulfill its yearly maintenance requirements to avoid future problems.

Learn All The Emergency Features

Although a properly maintained elevator does not suddenly stop between floors, you should always be prepared to deal with such situations. You can deal with such emergency situations by learning every emergency feature of your specific elevator model. Depending on your elevator model, you might be able to use features such as emergency phone, emergency lighting, emergency lowering device, emergency battery, alarm, etc. So, when you get an elevator installed in your house, it is essential that you first familiarize yourself with all the emergency features before using the elevator.

Always Stay Within Your Elevator’s Weight Requirements

Every elevator has its weight limit. Often many people make the mistake of going above the weight limit of their elevators. There is a world of difference between home elevators and commercial elevators. So, do not move between floors with multiple people or move heavy items using the elevator. If you overload the elevator, its cables might break or its doors may not close. Check the weight capacity of your elevator and always stay within that capacity to avoid issues with your elevator.

These were some basic yet essential safety tips of using a residential elevator in Boulder. If you are looking to purchase and install an elevator in your home, you can get in touch with Independent Living Solutions, Inc. Our sole aim is to make people’s lives easier. We do that by providing top-quality home accessibility equipment. If interested, you can call us at 303-463-8200 to know more about products and services.

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