We all want to spend time with our friends and family members. We want to engage in different types of activities with them. However, some people are not able to do that because of the fear of falling down or losing their balance. If you are too concerned about falling down or not managing your balance while engaging in activities, it could be a sign you need to use accessibility and mobility equipment. The good news is, with the help of mobility devices such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walker, etc., you can remain mobile and still enjoy outings with your loved ones or complete daily tasks. In this blog, we will tell you some signs that indicate it is time for you to invest in accessibility and mobility equipment. What are those signs? Let’s find out.

You Fall Frequently

Many seniors lose their lives or experience serious injuries because of falls. In fact, WHO has reported that falls are among the top three causes of accidents among seniors. If you or your loved one is above the age of 65, there’s increased risk of experiencing serious injuries because of falls. It is essential for you to understand that while leaving your house surely increases the risk of falls, keep in mind that your house can pose similar risk as well. For instance, many seniors experience falls in the bathroom because of slippery surfaces or certain barriers. So, if you have been experiencing frequent falls, it is time for you to consider using some mobility and accessibility aid.

You Get Tired Easily

Age or certain conditions can make you feel weak or tired. For instance, people with multiple sclerosis, ALS, or those who have been through a stroke experience exhaustion. For such people, it is best to use a wheelchair or walker whenever stepping outside of the house. And if you live in a house with multiple floors, it is best to have elevators or stair lifts installed in your house to easily access different floors without tiring yourself too much.

You Experience Pain

Many Americans suffer from chronic pain that makes their lives extremely difficult. If you too are suffering from chronic pain in knee or back, we will recommend you to take your medications and follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner properly. However, in addition to doing that, we will also advise you to make use of accessibility and mobility aids to make your life easier. For instance, you can use mobility scooters for running errands or outings. You can consider installing stairlifts or elevators at your home to reduce stress on your joints.

You Struggle With Balance or Dizziness

If you have poor balance or cannot stand for long, we will advise you to not take any risk and consider using some mobility aid. Many seniors and people in general with poor balance experience falls that lead to serious head injuries and other types of bone injuries. Even if you do not have poor balance but experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or feel disoriented at times, it is best to invest in a mobility aid to stay stable and prevent falls.

If you can notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your life, we will recommend you to get in touch with Independent Living Solutions. We are known for offering affordable solutions to different types of mobility challenges. If interested, you can buy used handicap equipment and mobility/accessibility equipment from us. The products we offer includes stair lifts, ceiling lift systems, power lift recliner chairs, mobility scooters, ramps, automatic door openers, and much more. To know more, call us at 303-463-8200.

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