5 Ways That Seniors Can Prevent Accidental Falls At Home

Falling at an advanced stage is not the same as falling in childhood or adulthood. If not taken care of, they can turn fatal with ensuing severe injuries. This makes it crucial that safety measures are in place to avoid or minimize accidents that can cause physical harm. Here are five ways you can minimize accidents at home:

Install Bars And Rails
These safety devices are crucial for climbing up or down. Getting them installed at bathroom, toilets or at the staircase gives that extra support to the elderly person to stand on and off the toilet, and stepping in and out of the bathtub without injuring yourself. Use steel rails or bars for longevity and firm grab.

Replace Lights With Motion Sensors Once
During winters when the days get shorter and the nights come faster, it is important to ensure visible and safe place for elderly person to walk. For this reason replace your old lights and consider installing motion-detecting lights for the exterior and interiors of your home. Getting up in the middle of the night and struggling in the dark increases the chance that a household item will get in your way. If you have vision or sight issues, this risk is increased significantly. With motion-sensing lights, you can easily see where those tricky spots are in the cold or dark mornings.

Install Residential Elevators
To ease out the problem of climbing stairs, prefer installing residential elevators. These can be customized to your needs and can easily fit in your existing home design. Look for best residential elevators for sale to save more and add more functionality to your house.

Declutter The House
Put on your gloves and do some cleaning in the house. You can achieve this by:
• Clearing the house of objects like extra lawn chairs.
• Clear the house of any clutter that you don’t need or that’s restricting smooth walking in the house.
• Move items from the stairs and landing.

Take the time for fall cleaning and removing any extraneous items that could cause trips.

Avoid Wearing Loose Clothes
Wearing oversized shirts, jackets, sweaters and loose pants may be comfortable, but they can also cause a fall. Loose clothing is prone to getting caught on everything from door handles and grips to branches and table edges. Prefer buying fitted clothes for them to avoid any chances of trips or fall.
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