Tips to Overcome the Unusual Fear of Stairs (Bathmophobia)

Similar to climacophobia, or the fear of climbing stairs or slope, bathmophobia, or the fear of stairs or slopes, is a relatively complicated phobia. Being a specific phobia, it is often seen in children and adults.

People with bathmophobia tend to panic at even the mere sight of a staircase or when simply observing a steep slope. This is why many people who suffer from it, try to avoid using stairs or a slope.

That said, it’s not always practical to avoid stairs as many homes have stairs as the only means to reach different floors within the building. In such situations, people with bathmophobia can find these tips helpful in overcoming their fear of stairs or slopes:

Start slow

Overcoming any phobia doesn’t happen overnight. It begins with one step at a time. If you fear stairs, you can try navigating a staircase that has only a few steps. If you succeed, you can work your way up to larger staircases and finally conquer your fear. But remember – the key is to start slow, one step at a time.

Renovate your home

Tackling bathmophobia isn’t easy and can be tricky. To help make the process easier, you might want to consider renovating your home. Since you cannot avoid stairs, repairing them and covering them with non-slippery material can help you feel safer when using them. Moreover, you can install stair lift if taking the stairs is extremely difficult. You can find quality stair lifts in Denver, CO, and take professional assistance to install them.

Get support

It is said that the best way to conquer your fear is face it. For people with bathmophobia, going up and down stairs with the help of a friend or family member can be great. If you are willing to take stairs to overcome your fear of stairs, ask your friends or loved ones to grab onto your arm to provide support while navigating stairs.

Final thoughts

If you or your loved one has the fear of stairs or bathmophobia, you can take a few steps to overcome it. The tips mentioned above aim at helping you with living a life free of bathmophobia.

If you want tobuy stairlifts in Denver to support the process of overcoming bathmophobia, get in touch with us and let us help you.