A wheelchair ramp is an assisting sloping plane placed in addition to or instead of stairs to help wheelchair users navigate a fleet of stairs safely and independently. Since it bears the weight of a wheelchair plus the user, it is made from sturdy material like Aluminium or steel.

Modular wheelchair ramps can prevent major accidents and mishaps to wheelchair users at home or residential complexes while navigating stairs and other raised platforms. It makes sense to prioritize installing it in your residential space to ensure optimal access to your family members with walking difficulties.

Wheelchair-accessible structures are a fundamental and essential requirement that every family should consider if any of their family members suffer from hindered mobility. It will not only consolidate their safety but also produce a less accident-prone environment at your residence.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to invest in new accessibility equipment for your home. You can also go for used modular wheelchair ramps for sale—as long as it is in good condition—and make your place wheelchair-friendly.

The blog discusses how many people will you help just by installing wheelchair ramps at your residential dwelling. Read on further to understand how it positively impacts the daily lives of the people who need a boost in their accessibility.

Provide An Easy Passage Inside Or Outside The Residential Space to Various People with Mobility Concerns :

For Elderly People Riding Mobility Scooters – Older people who use a mobility scooter are often prone to falls and mishaps when they have to go to places, such as a supermarket or bank, and also while returning. Sturdy wheelchair ramps allow older adults to safely navigate without having them step down or switch to another mobility assistance. Hence, it eases the challenges an elderly with disability faces.

Societies and housing communities should make regulations to install modular wheelchair ramps to offer a helping hand in moving assistance to ensure they are safe and can transport themselves without any inconvenience or help from others.

People On Wheelchairs – Physically disabled people have restricted locomotor abilities. They require a raised platform to translocate across the stairs smoothly without anyone’s assistance while in a wheelchair. Installing modular wheelchair ramps in residential complexes will help them avoid mishaps and safely move around alone.

Also, children with special needs often have motor complications that prevent them from controlling their body movements. They have to use wheelchairs while transporting. People who accompany children with special needs, such as parents, friends, guardians, etc., also need consolidated safety for these children.

Hence, if you are a guardian of a special child, these modular wheelchair ramps will relax you and give you a break from the constant preoccupation about their safe navigation around your home.

If you want to buy used modular wheelchair ramps from the saleconnecting with Independent Living Solutions, a renowned name for mobility equipment in America, will help with your concern! Reach out to them today for fine-quality and sturdy used wheelchair ramps for your residential complexes!

People Using Strollers, Walkers, and Carts – Parents with strollers, people with walkers, and buyers with shopping carts require a wheelchair ramp to ease their activity to increase the dwelling spaces’ navigability . Such elevated ramps decrease the frequency of accidents while navigating raised platforms or stairs with carts or walkers.

Public facilities like showrooms, malls, and supermarkets already install these modular wheelchair ramps to enable everyone to move around quickly. It’s time residential complexes start investing in these for holistic accessibility to people who face difficulties getting around.


Modular wheelchair ramps can be conveniently installed in your residential spaces without any hassle. Not only are these important for people facing difficulty moving but also for the public in general.

Furthermore, today you can select and buy used modular wheelchair ramps for sale to make moving around safe and easy anytime.

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