Who says finding the right lift chair recliner is going to be easy? Since there are so many options in the market in terms of fabrics, sizes, and features, needless to say it can get a bit difficult to choose a one that meets all your needs. You will face this problem if you do not know what to consider when shopping for a lift chair recliner. In this blog, we will make the whole process simpler for you by telling you what to factor in when buying a lift chair. Let’s get started.

Your Body Weight And Height

It would be foolish to shop for a chair without taking into account the size of the person who will be using the chair. Each recliner chair has a weight capacity and we will advise you to get a chair that is ideal for your weight. Ignoring this might put you at risk of injuring yourself. And to make sure that your head and legs get proper support while sitting on the chair, buy a chair that is perfect for people of your height.

Your Purpose For Using It

A lot of people get surprised at this but it is essential to consider how you will use the chair. Are you going to use it for purely sleeping or daily use, or both? Once you know this, it will become easier for you to determine how many motors your recliner chair needs to have. There are two recliner chairs in the market. One comes with one motor and others come with two motors. Go for a one motor lift chair if you will use your recliner chair for only daily activities. Two motor lift chairs are ideal for those users who plan to sleep on their chairs with great comfort.

Color of The Chair And Its Fabric

Normally, you will find four options for upholstery type, namely spill-proof fabric, vinyl, synthetic leather, and fabric. And what’s great is that there many color options with each upholstery type. So, it will be easier for you to find a chair that will go well with the interior of your house. What upholstery type and color you decide to go with is purely your call.

So, there you have it. When shopping for the best power lift recliners for elderly people, do not forget to take into account the above-mentioned points. At Independent Living Solutions, you can find world class power lift recliner chairs. If interested, get in touch with us today by calling at (303) 463-8200.

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