Walk-in tubs are rapidly getting popular among families with seniors or people with disabilities. Just like handicap showers for mobile homes, these are hot products in the mobility row that claim to make life easy for individuals with special needs. But do they really do it? Are they worth your money? Or just another part of a popular trend?

In this blog, you will read about how walk-in bathtubs make things better for people with special needs. Based on that, you can decide whether they are a worthwhile investment or just another gimmick.

Hydrotherapy benefits

The first thing you get when you choose to invest in a walk-in tub is hydrotherapy benefits. Didn’t you always want to get the benefits of heat, buoyancy, and massage to ease aches and pains caused by constant chair use? Soaking your joints in warm water offers quick relief from pain, and it is something you can enjoy daily.

Reduced risks of slips and falls

With seniors at home, everyone may be living with a constant fear of them slipping or falling in the bathing area. Whether it is you or a family member managing a disability, it is wise to invest in products that reduce such risks and ensure peace of mind for everyone in the house. Walk-in tubs are designed for safety, almost eliminating the chances of slips or falls.

Versatile at their best…

Walk-in bathtubs offer enormous versatility. You have your choice of a soaker tub or upgrade with jets offers a circulatory massage and turn them into therapeutic tubs — up to you! As these products are relatively new in the market, they will only get better with time. With so many excellent benefits, the prices of walk-in bathtubs for seniors shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Aging in place

Most Americans prefer to stay at home for as long as they can. With the sky high cost of assisted living facilities, investing in mobility products and home modifications that support aging in place and allow people to do their daily chores independently is a great solution.

Physical and mental hygiene

Being able to bathe independently promotes physical and mental hygiene among people with disabilities. While it reduces stress, it also helps them stay more physically active.

The bottom line

The prices of walk-in bathtubs for seniors may seem expensive at first. But considering their advantages and safety features, they are a worthwhile investment. So, spending a bit extra is alright if the product ends the worries of slips and falls in the shower for a loved one, ensuring safety and peace of mind for everyone in the family. The key to success is to purchase a walk-in tub from a trusted supplier.

At Independent Living Solutions, Inc, we offer quality walk-in bathtubs for a safe and relaxing bathing experience for people with disabilities. Our tubs can be upgraded with jets for a circulatory massage. So, if you’re looking to purchase walk-in bathtubs, reach out to us today at (303) 463-8200!

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