Your walk-in tub will remain safe and functional as long as it’s periodically maintained. Laxities in routine maintenance will not only reduce its lifespan but also raise safety concerns.

Cleaning and maintaining a walk-in tub is not rocket science. By carefully following a few maintenance tips, you can ensure both a safe and functional tub for years to come. Here are a few tips to keep it in good condition:

Rinse your walk-in tub after each bath

Each time you use your tub, consider taking the removable showering wand and rinsing out the entire tub with lukewarm water. This will eliminate soap scum, limescale, and other types of buildup while they are fresh. This can save you time and hassles of scrubbing them later on. Lukewarm water helps melt residues from the tub’s surface and drain them to where they belong.

Follow a weekly maintenance wash

Once a week, you would want to give to your walk-in tub in Denver a real wash down. Thoroughly wash its entire surface and fixture using a mild acrylic-friendly cleanser. It’s crucial to avoid using any wire brush or steel wool to scrub your tub as it can damage the tub’s surface. If you rinse your tub after each bathing session, weekly maintenance should be quite easy.

A monthly deep clean

Your monthly walk-in tub washing should focus on deep cleaning every element of the tub, from the surface to fixture to every system. To do this, you need to fill it with warm water to around the first jet; make sure the jets are off. Once done, add a cup of bleach and turn on the jets and let them run for 15 minutes. After a few minutes, turn them off and drain your tub. After you have drained it, repeat the steps with warm water without bleach and let it completely remove dirt, grime, and bleach out of the system.

Bottom Line

With routine maintenance, you can have a walk-in tub in the bathroom that gives you a safe and relaxing bathing experience. Cleaning it is simple yet effective in enhancing its lifespan.

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