Watching our parents, grandparents, or loved ones growing old is no less than a challenge. It’s tough to see how they suddenly become dependent upon us for little things – like climbing the stairs. As they get older, their bodies lose strength and sense of balance, increasing the risk of accidental falls. The easiest way to help them move freely around the house is to install a stair chair lift.

If you’re not sure whether stair chair lift installation is a smart decision or not, read below that warning signs that indicate your parents or other loved ones are facing mobility issues.

Fall accidents while climbing up or coming down the stairs

Falling is the most visible sign, which indicates that your parents need assistance while climbing stairs. When they are not steady on their feet, they find it difficult to navigate the stairs. While a fall accident can happen to anyone, more than one incident implies mobility difficulty.

Parents don’t want to leave the house or their room anymore

When you notice that your parents are not as active as they were before, it means something is troubling them. The reason could be a lack of confidence when navigating in-house steps or outside stairs. To help them remain active and independent, without any fear of falling, consider the installation of stair chair lifts at home.

They have mobility concerns or health issues

Knee pain, joint pain, and excessive stiffness are some common reasons that keep seniors from accessing the stairs. Besides, other health problems like back pain and breathing difficulties discourage them from using stairs frequently. To help and support them, you must address their concerns and issues, and seek solutions like installing a stair chair lift.

If you notice any of these signs, wait no more to get stair chair lifts installed in your home. At Independent Living Solutions, we offer the best stair chair lifts in Denver at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today.

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