If you or a loved one struggles with getting up and down the flight of stairs, something that might resolve this problem is a stair lift. Missing one-step of the stairs may lead to severe injuries, but you can prevent this from happening with stair lifts. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used for temporary or permanent requirements. Stair chair lifts in Colorado use a seat, footplate, and the track that fits seamlessly with the staircase tread of your home, providing the support you need. Removing them after use requires no major adjustments. Your entire installation and removal process is settled as there are professionals that can help meet your specific needs. Before buying a stair chair lift in Denver, here’s what you should consider:

Straight or Curved Stair Lifts

At Independent Living Solutions, you can find straight and curved stair lifts. The straight stair lifts are fixed to the rail on the staircase that goes along a straight line from top to bottom. Our top-notch straight stair chair lifts in Colorado come with an efficient start-stop mechanism that lets you glide up and down the stairs effortlessly. They also have safety features to prevent falls or slips, providing safe access to different floors. A curved stair lift is used for stairs with a turn or curve, any change in direction, angle of incline, or an intermediate landing. Depending on the type of staircase you have at home, you can choose the best suited stair lift for your needs.

New or Used Product

You should decide whether you need a gently used or a brand new product before purchasing a stair chair lift in Denver. Determine if you need it for an indoor or outdoor application and get it customized through an authorized dealer. In addition to customization, the models are tested and inspected by skilled technicians to ensure that they meet all the safety standards.


Stair lifts are cost-effective; however, you should consider your budget. An experienced stair chair lift dealer in Denver can help you choose a product of your choice within your budget range.

Safety Features

You should check for certain safety features as you’re investing in a model that provides you or your loved ones with safe access to stairs. Some beneficial features include seat belts, power seat swivel, power footrest, and easy-to-use control panel that our stair chair lifts are designed to have. The more features, the merrier! Ensure you get complete information about the design, structure, and overall benefits of the model you’re looking to purchase.

Physical Limitations

One of the key factors to keep in mind when buying stair chair lifts in Colorado are any physical limitations of the user of the lift. For example, a stair lift with a perch seat is a necessity for knees that cannot be bent.

If you want to purchase and install a reliable stair chair lift, then approach Independent Living Solutions. We install and service everything we sell and have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. So, why delay your purchase any further?

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